Filmmaker and author Darren Wilson provides provocative insights on culture, faith, and entertainment.
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Behind the Lens, with Darren Wilson
Thursday, December 1, 2016
Filmmaker Darren Wilson Embarks on a New Journey
Director Darren Wilson, left, will debut his new TV show, 'Adventures With God.'
Director Darren Wilson, left, will debut his new TV show, 'Adventures With God.' (William Hacker/Facebook)
For 10 years, Darren Wilson has traveled the globe in an attempt to film God. He has created five wildly popular feature films, and in the process amassed thousands of hours of footage of God's supernatural power and love on display in real world situations. He considers his newest endeavor to be the next logical step in his personal journey from skeptic to true believer.

He has stepped out of the big screen and into a smaller one, with a brand-new television series.  

Adventures With God, Wilson's new 30-minute weekly show, is unlike anything that's come before it and is Wilson's attempt to raise the bar for Christian television. "Most of what I see on Christian TV is kind of par for the course and not super innovative—it's a lot of preaching, a lot of teaching and not a lot of entertainment," Wilson says. "I wanted to make a show that not only dealt with big faith issues, but was also a lot of fun to watch."

To do this, Wilson mixed his extensive archives with new adventures never seen by his audience before. As Wilson explains the concept, "Each episode centers on a question, like 'What role does desperation play in God moving on your behalf?' or 'Why is faith so difficult?' We then built the episode around that question, sometimes using adventures from my past films, and other times using brand-new adventures we've filmed recently. Everything moves at a brisk pace between adventure, behind-the-scene footage and roundtable discussions, so you're completely sucked into wrestling with this question in as entertaining a way as possible." read more
Watchman on the Wall
Kim Clement prophesying in 2014.
Why Did Kim Clement Die Early?

Kim's death was a tremendous loss to the body of Christ. His prophetic ministry, often accompanied by music, impacted nations.

In the Line of Fire
There are few things more intimate than a gravesite funeral service attended by a handful of family members and friends, and if I were a homophobic person, you would think that I would have been mortified at the news that the rabbi presiding at the ceremony was openly gay.
The Gay Rabbi and My Mother's Funeral

I truly believe all this was ordained by God rather than coincidental.

American Dispatch
A local artist paints a portrait of Fidel Castro in front of a shop in downtown Havana following the announcement of the death of the Cuban revolutionary leader
Obama Whitewashes Castro's Tyranny in "Carefully Worded" Statement

It is absolutely sickening to watch the White House and the mainstream media mourn the loss of their beloved Castro—a ruthless dictator who was the personification of evil.


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