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Renewing America, with David Lane
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Our Moment of Truth Is Here
Southern Baptist Convention
(Reuters photo)
The blitzkrieg of secularism, along with the competition for ideological supremacy and control of resources by secularists, is not a "generational struggle." It's a moment of truth to settle whose values are going to reign supreme in America.

Christians must decide to live in a pagan nation imposed by those with a godless worldview or bring revolt, revolution and repentance to a once Christian nation established by America's Founders.

The Wall Street Journal says, "Southern Baptists [are] a leading conservative voice in cultural disputes over abortion and gay rights."

Christians to a great extent have established a subculture, isolated and sheltered downstream from culture. Unlike the muscular Christianity of the Founding Fathers that created a counterculture in America, Christians are largely AWOL.

If America is to turn, it will begin at the local level. City council, school board and even the parks and recreation are where pastors need to focus, not at the national level. Go local and take care of your own backyard.

As to politics, a Sunday sermon is not a denomination of political currency. Sermons are for worship and instruction of the body of Christ.

For example, my pastor (and Thousand Oaks City Councilman) Rob McCoy offered this insight the Sunday following last November's election:

Our pastors educate their people to do nothing, and they say flippantly, "Vote for a third-party candidate" because it's a moral statement. It's stupid; it's fatalistic, apathetic and lazy. It makes me upset.

God calls us to be the salt of the earth. We sit in apathy and moral relativism and think somehow that we're effective. read more
In the Line of Fire
Men pray after a vehicle collided with pedestrians near a mosque in the Finsbury Park neighborhood of North London.
Hypocritical Responses to the Scalise Shooting and the London Mosque Attack
If you think I'm stretching things here, just wait and see. It will get worse before it gets better. Conservatives are the enemy, and the demonization will only increase. Be ready. 
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Atheists think this is unconstitutional.
Federal Judge Rules Cross Violates Law and Must Be Removed
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