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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
A Gideon Stood Up in Texas
San Francisco Gay Pride Parade
(Reuters photo)
The Texas Legislature heard debate last week on Senate Bill 6, a so-called "bathroom bill" requiring people to use the bathroom or shower facility that corresponds to their biological sex at birth. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is leading this charge in the state capitol of Austin.

Dan Forest, Lt. Governor of North Carolina, traveled to Austin to testify before the legislature in support of the Texas bill, which is fashioned after North Carolina's House Bill 2 (HB2). You may recall that last July the National Basketball Association pulled its All-Star Game out of Charlotte to aid a growing boycott of North Carolina that began in opposition to HB2.

The secular Left has been on a roll for much of the last decade. As a result, they seem to have developed an exaggerated opinion of their clout, which does not correspond with social and electoral reality.

A popular and cool Barack Obama lied at the Saddleback Presidential Debate in 2008. Pastor Rick Warren: "Define marriage." Obama: "I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian–for me–for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God's in the mix."

A democratic republic, where ultimate authority and power is derived from its citizens, remains viable only as long as people can, on the whole, rely on candidates and elected officials to tell the truth.

Once Obama was elected president, in flat out contradiction to his word, he led the U.S. gay rights revolution globally, even using American embassies around the world to promote same-sex intercourse and marriage. This was all in defiance of U.S. citizens who had voted in state-after-state, supporting traditional marriage with overwhelming majorities. Consider:
  • Mississippi—86%

  • Tennessee—81%

  • Louisiana—78%

  • South Carolina—78%

  • Georgia—76%

  • Oklahoma—76%

  • Texas—76%

  • Arkansas—75%

  • Kentucky—75%

  • North Dakota—73%

  • Missouri—72%

  • Alabama—71%

  • Kansas—70%

  • Nebraska—70%

  • Montana—67%

  • Nevada—67%

  • Utah—66%

  • Idaho—63%

  • Florida—62%

  • Ohio—62%

  • North Carolina—61%

  • Michigan—59%

  • Wisconsin—59%

  • Oregon—57%

  • Virginia—57%

  • Arizona—56%

  • Colorado—56%

  • California—52%

  • South Dakota—52%

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Here's the Deal
Our efforts have become more pronounced in recent years because of the acceleration of the LGBTQ agenda and the cultural drift from our Judeo-Christian foundations. We are experiencing massive deception that Jesus highlighted in Matthew 24 as the primary sign prior to His return.
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We are in a season where multitudes are awakening to this serious situation as well as the opportunity God is giving us.

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