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Thursday, April 27, 2017
Daily Bread

The model prayer is not "In six months, give us some bread." (Pixabay)
Add five people to your mailing list today. Don't try to add 1,000 names by October. Add five today.

People seem to struggle with setting marketing goals. The long-term desire to reach a set of numbers is rarely supported by a realization of what must be accomplished every day.

We cannot sell 100 of anything until we sell one. Our goal needs to reflect what must happen today. Plan, organize and execute. Then tomorrow morning, evaluate what happened.

I want to make daily evaluations rather than wait for some date in the future. If I miss a daily goal, I'm behind one day. If I miss an annual goal, I may never reach the full revenue potential.

In my experience, most media sales people do not welcome accountability. Sales teams always want to delay evaluation. "It takes time to make this work." I somewhat agree.

But surely, we can measure progress, today.

The model prayer is not "In six months, give us some bread." read more
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