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Greenelines, with Dr. Steve Greene
Friday, June 23, 2017
Are You Shooting High-Quality Arrows?

Take aim and let your message fly. (Pixabay)
We send an arrow into the air and where it lands we know not where.

I have great empathy for the archer. When we send our message of hope, we don't always know if the arrow finds the intended home.

I make it even harder on marketers because I ask them to select a smaller target. I compensate by selecting more powerful arrows, and I launch them more frequently.

Shooting arrows is a lot like praying. I don't always get an answer, but I keep praying. I pray every day. I pray throughout the day.

I have faith in the power of prayer.

I also have great faith in sending marketing messages. I know that a consistent barrage of arrows will produce results.

I don't measure the results of each dispensed arrow. I evaluate the overall effect of multiple arrows.

Show up every day with a quiver full of high-quality arrows. read more

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