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Thursday, January 19, 2017
College Students Need Legos and Juice Boxes to Deal With Trump's Inauguration

"There will be Legos and stuffed animals and coloring books—come to embrace the inner child." (clement127/Flickr/CC)
Most millennial snowflakes have already evacuated the nation's capital well in advance of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

But for those young people who were unable to escape reality, hope is not lost.

GUPride, an LGBTQ student organization at Georgetown University, is setting up a safe space to help young people deal with the aftermath of making America great again.

"Join GUPride for a night of self-care after a long week. We will have Legos, juice boxes and more," the Facebook invitation reads. 

It's unclear if sippy cups will be provided or if students should bring their own. GUPride did not return my calls.

The good folks over at Campus Reform got their hands on an email sent to club members with all the juicy details of what they called "Post-inauguration self-care."

"There will be Legos and stuffed animals and coloring books—come to embrace the inner child," the LGBTQ club declared.

The club invited its members to the event in a Welcome Back email, which was obtained by Campus Reform and included a section on "Post-inauguration self-care," where GUPride urged its members to "embrace the inner child."

And for those truly traumatized by the inauguration, I'm certain GUPride will have an adequate supply of diapers—just in case. read more
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