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Thursday, October 12, 2017
Will Gender-Inclusive Boy Scouts Sell Cookies?
 A Boy Scout statue titled
A Boy Scout statue titled "Trail to Manhood" stands outside the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas. ( REUTERS/Michael Prengler/File Photo)
The Boy Scouts dropped a bombshell announcement Wednesday: They are going gender inclusive. The BSA is about to open its tents to girls—from Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts.

"This decision is true to the BSA's mission and core values outlined in the Scout Oath and Law. The values of scouting—trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave and reverent, for example—are important for both young men and women," said Michael Surbaugh, the BSA's Chief Scout Executive. "We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children."

The move is expected to result in yet another mass exodus of boys from the once-heralded scouting organization.

 "When you lose your moral compass the next thing to go is the courage and conviction to navigate in contrary times," Trail Life USA's Mark Hancock told "The Todd Starnes Show."

Trail Life USA is a Christian scouting organization that was founded after the Boy Scouts were conquered by a vocal group of LGBT activists. Trail Life now has more than 28,000 active members in nearly every state. Hancock warned the Boy Scout's decision was one more example of a "war on boys."

"Boys are losing out because we are focusing on them. We are not celebrating with them the wildness, the daring," he said.

Leaders with American Heritage Girls, a faith-based, all-girls program, say it's important for girls to have their own programs.

"American Heritage Girls is committed to its girl focus and will not acquiesce its dedication to girls due to enrollment decline or political correctness," Patti Garibay said. read more
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