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The Plumb Line, with Jennifer LeClaire
Thursday, January 19, 2017
Prophecy: A Season of Disruption Will Bring an Eruption of God's Glory
The reason why you are seeing a disruption in your life is because there's about to be an eruption of God's glory. (Flickr )
Every morning, I gather with hundreds of people to pray prophetically in our Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer calls. This was birthed out of a week-long prayer series for my devotional by the same name over two years ago.

These calls have grown increasingly prophetic in nature. So much so that I complied a CD of prophetic songs, sounds and decrees that defy impossibilities called Dream Wild from words released in those early morning devotions. Below, I'm offering a transcript of one of my prayer sets. I know this will inspire and encourage you.

Shake off the despair. Toss aside the thoughts that have bound you, in Jesus' name. It's time to shake it off. It's time to come up higher. It's time to run faster toward the Lord. I break off the lethargy. I break off the apathy the enemy has tried to put upon you. I break it off, in Jesus' mighty name.

I say no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You are the weapon. You are the Lord's battle axe. You are His child, His son, His daughter. He will use you. He will put His word in your mouth. He will give you dreams and visions. He will lead you and guide you through this time, this season of disruption.

The reason you are seeing a disruption in your life is because there's about to be an eruption of God's glory. I prophesy to you right now, in Jesus' name, hear the word of the Lord: The reason you've seen a disruption, the reason things are bubbling over, the reason there's so much chaos is because there's about to be an eruption of God's glory in your life.

Get the new devotional, Evenings With the Holy Spirit.

I prophesy to you there's about to be an eruption of God's goodness in your life. read more
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