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A Voice Calling Out, from James W. Goll
Monday, August 14, 2017
James Goll: Are You Hungry for a Visitation From God?

God is longing to encounter you with His presence. (Public Domain Pictures)
There is nothing more important than an encounter with our supernatural God. One God-encounter changes everything in our lives. Our priorities shift. Our perspective shifts. Things that used to seem important take a back seat, and our world suddenly turns from gray to technicolor.

Are you hungry for a visitation from God? Do you want him to come and invade your life? I'll never forget when God encountered my wife back in 1992. She was never the same again.

Though cancer took Michal Ann's body back in 2008, she is now living in the vibrant presence of the God who encountered her. Sometimes a testimony of the fruit of someone else's encounter is all it takes to shake the dust off your heart and ignite fresh hunger to pursue Him. Let these words from Michal Ann stir the fire in you to meet face to face with our Living God.

Michal Ann Goll—A Testimony of the Power of Encounter

I will never forget that night in November 1992 when Jim looked at me from the other side of our kitchen and said, "I don't know who you are, and I don't know who you're becoming." My answer came rather quickly, "Well, Jim, I don't know who I am, and I don't know who I'm becoming either." That may sound like a strange conversation for two people who had lived together as a married couple for what was then 16 years and had brought four children into the world. What triggered such an exchange?...I was being dramatically changed by visitations in the night.

Thought history, the lives of ordinary people have been forever changed by times of supernatural visitation. By "visitation encounters," I mean those times when the "the manifested presence of God comes into our time-space world and invades our unholy comfort zones. read more
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