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A Voice Calling Out, from James W. Goll
Monday, June 19, 2017
James Goll: We Must Take a Firm Stand!

We dare not relax or retire from active watchman duty. (Pexels)
To be effective in praying for the complex situations in the world today—particularly in places like, say, the Middle East or the volatile political arenas of many nations—we need men and women of consecration and excellence, like biblical Daniel. We must take a firm stand!

The long days and weeks of our lives may be leading up to a culminating event that only God knows about. We dare not relax or retire from active watchman duty or from the practice of holy living that makes us able to plead God's promises with consistency and integrity.

If you are not already familiar with it, Daniel's life story is told in the 12-chapter book in the Bible that bears his name. By immersing yourself in the story you can learn many things, including the prevailing importance that God attaches to faultless and dedicated living. He was a watchman and an intercessor whose firm moral character enabled him to take a stand for righteousness and plead the cause of his people before the Lord.

You, too, can be a Daniel and make a clean sweep of the enemy through your prayers. He was willing to shoulder the responsibility for sins he did not commit in hopes that God would hear his prayers on behalf of the sinners. Like Daniel, you can be a humble watchman and look after the welfare of the people in your family, city and nation.

We all know that walking in this kind of holiness and excellence isn't possible without God's grace. But you carry Jesus' Spirit within you. You and I are part of the priesthood of all believers, and we are supposed to stand firm for the kingdom in holiness and triumph.

Taking Daniel as our example, we, too, can practice our faith consistently over long periods of time, even when we live in difficult circumstances. read more
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