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The Flaming Herald, from Bert Farias
Friday, April 21, 2017
Has This Sneaky Sin Wormed Its Way Into Your Daily Life?
We must all deal with pride now or at the judgment seat of Christ.
We must all deal with pride now or at the judgment seat of Christ. (Public Domain)
There seems to be a lot of teaching on the grace of God these days. Some of it is extreme, but much of it is actually good. Most Christians enjoy good Scriptural teaching on the empowering grace of God and want to learn to walk and live in more of it. But how do we increase our capacity to receive more of God's grace in our lives?

The Word is clear on this. Here it is:

"God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble" (James 4:6).

The measure of grace that you receive from God in your life is in proportion to the measure of humility you walk in. More grace operating in your life means more fruitfulness, more power, more wisdom and so forth. Who wouldn't want that? The key is to humble yourself. Without cultivating true humility in your life, you cannot receive additional grace. However, when you see the potential of what receiving more of God's grace will open up to you in your life, you will make it a high priority to walk in more humility.

In order to cultivate true humility in your life, you must identify pride and learn to resist it. There is always more pride in us than we think, and pride is a hindrance and a barrier to walking with the Lord and receiving from the Lord. You cannot operate in any kind of falsehood and pretension if you want to walk closely with God.

One of the worse and more subtle kinds of pride in the church today is spiritual pride. For example, when Christians try to be spiritual, put on airs and constantly argue doctrinal points, it is usually a sure sign of this most subtle and worse kind of pride working in their lives. God hates pride, and it blocks Him from releasing more grace into your life. Pride is the nature of the devil, and that is enough reason for you to hate it, too. read more
In the Line of Fire
For me, it was jarring to hear Ossoff's comments, but not because they were so shocking. It's because they weren't shocking at all. That's what jarred me afresh.
A Glaring Example of Our Fallen Morals in the Recent Georgia Election

Call me Puritanical and prudish if you like. My words will be vindicated over time.


Watchman on the Wall
It's a sad day for the Hudson family. Prodigal daughter Katy Perry is denouncing her Christian upbringing.
Katy Perry Denounces Her Christian Upbringing

The iconic pop star, whose real name is Katherine Hudson, says she was not allowed to interact with gay people and claims generational racism.


American Dispatch
A new Dove ad features a transgender mother.
Why You May Want to Stop Using Dove Right Now

Their new campaign shows moms "whose diverse parenting styles shatter stereotypes about motherhood and prove that there are no rules about how to be a parent today."

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