Revivalist Bert Farias writes in the spirit, style, and plainness of speech of the old timers.
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The Flaming Herald, from Bert Farias
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Prophecy: A New Jesus Revolution Is Our Only Hope

"For a new breed of troops to arise, there must be given a new breed of training. For many of my past trainees have only been trained for the easy and the soft and not for the rigorous and the hard." (Public Domain)
In spite of many American believers putting their hopes on President Donald Trump saving our nation, there is little hope for America and many nations of the world without a spiritual revolution. Only a Jesus revolution can bring change; a revolution sent from heaven, with an army of young people trained specifically for the task.

When I speak of a Jesus revolution, I am not speaking of one that will be fought with earthly weapons of destruction or with guns, knives, bullets and bombs, as in radical Islamic terrorism. It will not be fought with hatred, intimidation or brute force. No. It will be fought with the gospel, with the love of God, with the power of the Spirit, with radical holiness, with sacrifice, compassion and courage. It will be a Jesus revolution, an intense clash between two spiritual kingdoms, a heavenly attack on the enemy's strongholds, and a no-compromise stand for morality and truth (This definition was taken from Dr. Michael Brown's Jesus Manifesto: A Call to Revolution).

Here's a prophetic utterance from our newest book, Passing On The Move Of God To The Next Generation, concerning the call to train an army of young people:

For a new breed of troops to arise, there must be given a new breed of training. For many of my past trainees have only been trained for the easy and the soft and not for the rigorous and the hard. Many have been trained of the letter but not of the Spirit, and so they stand unequipped for the battle and an easy target for the enemy. Sow to the spirit, and so shall their swords be sharpened, for the flesh has made them dull. For in the flesh is weariness and hands that hang down with the shield of faith. Prepare them to march to a different spirit. read more
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Prophecy: A New Jesus Revolution Is Our Only Hope
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