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Thursday, October 19, 2017
Prophecy: Anointing Is Being Released to Rediscover 'America the Beautiful'

In the Spirit, I heard the Father say, "Columbus discovered the physical land of America, but there is 'spiritual' territory that is yet to be discovered!"

I saw heaven releasing a Columbus Day anointing upon the earth, with a fresh call to certain pioneers to loose themselves from their moorings and to venture out beyond where few people have dreamed to go. I sensed the Father saying. "I will need those few upon the earth now who were born to risk, dare and 'throw the "spiritual dice!' They will appear to many that they are seemingly about to go over the edge, but these ones were born to be 'edge pushers'— to push the edge back. These fearless ones will appear foolish, following Me as though they are headed to unmapped destinations. These are not normal pilgrims—they are wired differently. What worries most people excites them. But these few sold out to Me will prove once again that the world is round and not flat, and that I sit upon the circle of the earth. These chosen ones, willing to say goodbye forever to the past and present, will not return until they discover new, unseen spiritual land and territory upon the earth that has been hidden and soon to be found by their spiritual eyes. And when many of them discover this new land, they will never return to their own."

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