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Thursday, March 23, 2017
Prophetic Word: 'My Roof-Tearing Angels Have Been Released'

Spiritual Weather Forecast: A Writer's Storm Is Coming! I just read the late breaking news on the winter storm approaching the East Coast, where I live. As I read the headlines, instead of the word "winter," I saw the word "writer. " I then knew this was the Lord speaking to me. I heard Him say, "A writers' storm is coming! I'm sending a storm of writers who will write with the pen of transparency of heart and revelation. Their words will seem at first like innocent snowflakes falling. Then without warning, these words will gather momentum, causing spiritual blizzard conditions with avalanches of My Spirit falling on the hearts of nations. "My Roof-Tearing Angels Have Been Released"Palaces and prisons will witness miracles appearing like snow falling inside of them as their roof tops weaken under the heavy snowfall of My glory, coming from this writer's storm. No house is exempt. These writings under My unction will have built in radar to find their readers. Men, women and children, weary and worn, will rise again to take the kingdoms of this world. My roof-tearing angels have been released and they have your address. ""This writer's storm will not end with Spring approaching. It will snowball throughout this summer and the rest of the year and continue storming the gates of hell. read more
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