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Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Cindy Jacobs' Vision: The Lord Is Removing the Spirit of Delay in Your Way

As I was praying, I saw this vision, and it was of roadblocks.

It's like everywhere you went, there were these blockages. You could not get through. And I see the Lord saying there is a spirit of delay. Now that's an unusual thing, but that's what I'm getting. There is a spirit of delay that is stopping you from getting where you need to go.

And some of you, I see, not only is it delay, but I see what we call an occult spirit. Now the word "occult" means "hidden" or "hiding." And many people don't understand how this operates in a person's life. An occult spirit will hide the way to go.

Many people have said to me recently, "There feels like there's so much witchcraft right now, so much opposition," and this is true. And how it's working is bringing delay in your life, delay from getting to where you need to go. It's frustrating you. And the other thing is there is seemingly like an occult spirit. And what I see how this works is it's bringing you confusion. You're not able to think straight, and not only that, you're not able to see the way to go. So, first, bind that occult spirit in the name of Jesus, that spirit of witchcraft that is stopping you from seeing the way to go.

And right now, I ask the Holy Spirit just to begin to breathe upon you, to begin to blow upon you, that what is stopping your vision will dissipate in the name of Jesus. read more
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