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Monday, January 16, 2017
When You Feel Your Needs Outweigh God's Supply
In His gentle way, He reminds us ...
In His gentle way, He reminds us He is our source who will meet all our needs. (Flickr )
Several years ago, I was shopping at a one-stop shopping center with my two daughters in tow, both under the age of 4 at the time. Lisa and Angela were chattering up a storm, enjoying the depth of a preschool conversation, while I managed to get them secured in the rickety grocery cart and pushed over to the first stop on our list: the bakery.

As they enthusiastically munched the sprinkles from the top of their doughnuts, we strolled our way down the crowded aisles. My little "shoppers in training" were wide-eyed with excitement, oohing and aahing at everything in their 4-foot-high sight line. I was carefully calculating the cost of each item I dropped unto the basket while also working on damage control. By now, little arms were stretching out wide, releasing Velcro-like fingers that successfully grabbed at this toy and that snack, declaring life just couldn't go on without it. In aisle after aisle, I listened to squeals of delight and moans of disappointment as they picked up and I put back.

Finally exasperated with me, my oldest daughter, Lisa, the "spokeschild" for the sisters, appealed to my maternal instincts. "Mom," she pouted, "Don't you want us to have anything?" I melted. "Of course I do, honey, but Mommy only has enough money for a few things." Certain my children were intelligent enough to understand the budget, I went on to explain how Daddy worked hard for his earnings and we had to do a good job of being wise stewards. Angela yawned, and Lisa's eyes glazed over.

Yep, she got it. It was clear as mud. As we continued our shopping non-extravaganza, I could see that Lisa was still thinking about my words. read more
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