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Friday, January 13, 2017
The God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. He never changes.
A Messianic Believer Debunks the False Premise of a Character-Changing God

The executive director of The Messianic Times takes a look at the God of the Old Testament vs. the God of the New Testament. Aren't they the same?

Make no mistake: Believers will be held accountable for their sin.
One of the Biggest Lies Satan Projects on Believers

As believers, we need to snap out of self-deception, learn the pure and beautiful fear of the Lord and receive our cleansing by Yeshua's blood.


The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Outrage on the Temple Mount, Er, Haram al-Sharif

Even uttering the words "Temple Mount" near the holy site will bring harassment, as it did this Israeli professor.

Israel's future
The Subject of Israel's Future Stirs Poignant Worldwide Debate

Orthodox Jew Jonathan Feldstein says the status quo may be "the best we can hope for, for now."


Removing so-called Israeli
Why Getting Rid of Israeli 'Occupation' Won't Bring Peace

The roots of the problem are spiritual.

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