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Monday, February 20, 2017
Submit your emotions triggering compulsive behavior to Holy Spirit.
Why a Surprising Number of Christians Cling to This Destructive Addiction
Little do they know the sweet relief they would experience if they just let it go.
Spiritual Warfare
Satan's sharp lies dig deep into your heart. Here's the only way to get them out for good.
Digging Satan's Claws out of Your Mind
You can't find freedom from rejection or insecurity by simply wishing them away. Discover the only tool that has the power to deliver you.
The Plumb Line
Remember, you can repent, renounce and break free, in the name of Jesus!
5 More Telltale Signs You Might Need Deliverance
You may wonder if you have a demon. Here are five signs you may need someone to help you cast out what doesn't belong there.
A bike ride in the desert revealed a startling truth to Shane Idleman.
This Could Be Why the Fire of God Isn't Falling on You
Spiritual dehydration is one of the saddest things to see in a Christian.
Bible Study
What did Jesus really mean when He said He came to fulfill the Law?
Why Matthew 5:17 Should Define Every Day of Your Life
This hotly debated Scripture could be the key to your spiritual growth.
Remembering Jamie Buckingham (2017)
Many have falsely prophesied catastrophes that never happened.
Use This Common-Sense Wisdom to Steer Clear of False Prophets
It's hard not to become cynical, especially when you consider the ridiculous nature of some of the more recent "prophecies."
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