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Thursday, March 23, 2017
These Dangerous Prophets Are Peddling the Latest 'Snake Oil' in the Body of Christ
These serpentine prophets profess to see and decree, but their hearts are far from God.
Prophetic Insight
Cindy Jacobs Prophesies Blazing Isaiah 60 Movement in Body of Christ
"'My people will advance in the day of My power,' says the Lord."
Fire in My Bones
6 Signs of a Toxic 'Apostle'
Impostors are threatening to damage God's work today. Don't follow them.
The Holy Spirit visited the church in the book of Acts when they were doing this.
We Won't See Signs and Wonders in the Church Until We Cultivate This Daily Habit
When the early church walked in this faithfully, the supernatural always followed.
Bible Study
This Mystery Nation Is a Critical Player in the End Times
Mysteries are a big thing with God. He keeps them throughout history to be revealed at the right time.
Spiritual Warfare
These 2 Destructive Habits May Be What's Stealing Your Joy and Power
If you're feeling sluggish and depressed, this might be why.
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