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Thursday, April 27, 2017
Prophetic Word: Shake off the Spirit of Python Into the Fire
Have you felt worn out and beaten down in recent months? If so, this word may be for you.
A Voice Calling Out
Which way is the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing?
James Goll: 3 Prophetic Trends We're Seeing Right Now
Where is the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing?
Men in the Happiest Marriages Follow These 5 Practical Guidelines
There are many factors that make for a good marriage. Some are tangible, while others are less tangible but just as real
Church & Ministry
Does This Scripture Prove the Existence of Female Apostles?
Of the 24 mentioned by name in this passage, 10 are women.
Who's Your Elijah?
It's important to discern whom the Lord may be sending in your path to help you release your prophetic voice.
The apostle Paul learned this one thing that's your key to winning in heavenly warfare.
Your Spiritual Weapon to Keep Demonic Forces at Bay
Take a lesson from the apostle Paul when he was bombarded on all sides.
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