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Thursday, August 17, 2017
What happened last week in Virginia was the work of a dark, sinister force.
The Demonic Roots of White Supremacy
What happened last week in Virginia was the work of a dark, sinister force.
Prophetic Insight
Praying mothers could see blessings.
Prophetic Vision of Angelic Assignments Promises Generational Blessings for Praying Moms
Prayers of mothers crying out for their children seem to have gathered momentum, relentlessly shaking the door hinges of heaven.
This Scripture Proves Women Have Apostolic Authority in the Church
Early church fathers, even those who had a bias against women in leadership, understood this.
Social Justice
Violent riots broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, after white supremacists organized a protest.
The Charlottesville Riots May Fulfill Revelation 6—Here's What You Should Do
"We are not to bend to the sinful ways of the world but bear the light of truth found in God's Word."
A Voice Calling Out
James Goll: Are You Hungry for a Visitation From God?
If so, take heart as you read this true story.
What's the significance of this year's solar eclipse?
Why the Solar Eclipse Will Trigger a Bold New Season of Repentance for America
Are you ready to join the Teshuvah Prayer Initiative?
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