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Thursday, August 17, 2017
Many of us miss the very first step in the process.
The True Reason So Many Christian Leaders Don't Live Like a New Creation
Many of us end up fighting many spiritual battles which not only are we not intended to fight but are impossible for us to win.
Does your pastor have a replacement waiting in the wings?
Why Your Church Is Doomed Without a Succession Plan
We need to have this conversation.
Personal Character
Too many try to operate in their own strength.
9 Signs You're Not Operating in God's Power
You don't have to fight this battle alone.
What are real values?
What Are Real Values—and Why Should Believers Focus on Them?
Finances and faith meet in this powerful devotion.
People affect your leverage.
Clean Up Your Inner Circle
People affect your leverage.
The spiritual countdown has begun, like a NASA shuttle about to launch into space.
The Spiritual Countdown Has Begun for Christ's Second Coming
Will you be ready when it hits zero?
MT + Love Leads Ride A Long
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