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Friday, April 21, 2017
A Prophetic Word for France in the Midst of a Terror Wave
French CRS police patrol the Champs Elysees Avenue the day after a policeman was killed and two others were wounded in a shooting incident in Paris, France
French CRS police patrol the Champs Elysees Avenue the day after a policeman was killed and two others were wounded in a shooting incident in Paris, France. (REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)
ISIS has taken responsibility for the shootout in Paris that killed a police officer and wounded two others. The attacker ambushed three police offers in the terrorist attack.

This morning I heard the Lord say, "The enemy has marked France for destruction because of its spiritual heritage. If My intercessors will rise up and build a spiritual wall around the nation—raise up impenetrable borders around the country through repentance and praise—I myself will raise up a standard that will stem the tide of this onslaught. I myself will rise up and cause France's enemies to be scattered. I myself will empower the politicians and police with strategies to eradicate terrorists from the land and thwart future attacks. I myself will do it. So begin to pray now with greater fervor because lives are at stake, economies are at stake and your spiritual heritage is at stake. Begin to cooperate now with My grace and My agenda and My plan for your nation and I myself will fight with you and for you."

I did a quick study on France's spiritual heritage after receiving this prophetic word. For sake of space and time, what I found is too long and detailed to share in this article but here's a short history:

The first Christians in France were Jews who converted and exiled from Israel, including Phillip the evangelist, Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus (who Jesus resurrected) and Mary Magdalene.

Revival wind hit France around 1100 AD through the Albigenses, known as "reformers before the reform." Another group called the Waldenses were evangelistic reformers that took the gospel into Spain, Germany, Poland and Bohemia. read more
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We must all deal with pride now or at the judgment seat of Christ.
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Call me Puritanical and prudish if you like. My words will be vindicated over time.


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