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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
When Bill Nye Enlisted Science in the Service of Perversion
The promotional poster for 'Bill Nye Saves the World.'
The promotional poster for 'Bill Nye Saves the World.' (Facebook)
Perversion is a strong word, but there is no other way to describe it. The musical presentation promoted by Bill Nye on his Netflix show was perverse in every way. It was vulgar. It was vile. It was degraded. It was disgusting. That it was promoted in the name of science makes it all the more despicable.

According to Natural, which is billed as, "The world's top news source on natural health," Nye went "full lunatic" with his "vulgar transgender video." The man known as "the science guy" has taken science to a freakish new low. Full lunatic indeed.

The video in question, My Sex Junk, by Rachel Bloom, was featured on Nye's Bill Nye Saves the World show. (If this is saving the world, I can only imagine what destroying the world looks like.)

Within a few days, it had reached more than a half-million views on YouTube, with the Thumbs Down responses outnumbering the Thumbs Up responses roughly 37,000 to 570. Have you ever seen a rating that negative? More than 60 to 1 panning the video.

Nye introduces the performance saying, "So, you guys, seriously, the next thing, I feel is very special. This is a cool little segment. You know this woman from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Please give it up for Rachel Bloom."

What follows is ... well, watch for yourself. Or maybe not. I could only stomach a few seconds of the video before shutting it off, choosing to read a description of it instead. It was that bad.

It ridicules the idea that one must choose between male and female, and it does so in the crudest of terms. And it gets worse from there. Much worse. Too perverse to repeat.

And remember: This video was being promoted by "the science guy, Bill Nye" on his Bill Nye Saves the World show. read more
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