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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Don't Swallow the 'Red Pill'

Have you swallowed the Red Pill? (Getty Images)
Zach and Amanda (not their real names) were happily married and attending a growing church on the east coast. They started a family and got involved in ministry. Things were going well for this young Christian couple. But then Zach took a major spiritual detour.

He swallowed the Red Pill.

You may not know anything about this infamous pill, but you need to learn fast before it affects marriages in your church. Some Christian men today have come under its influence, mainly through the popular Reddit online discussion site.

At first Amanda noticed her husband was developing odd attitudes about women. He would talk about how "all women" are highly emotional and how they want to manipulate men. Then Zach began to play mind games with his wife: ignoring her, blaming her for everything or cutting off sexual contact for days to teach her a lesson.

Then he started demanding total submission from Amanda. He began quoting 1 Peter 3:6, which says that Sarah called her husband Abraham "lord." Meanwhile he would sometimes call his wife stupid if they argued.

"It was definitely mental and psychological abuse," Amanda says. "His love was conditional. He would say, 'You need to follow me completely, and then I will give you what you need.'"

Finally, Amanda couldn't take it anymore. She began to fear that Zach might abuse her physically. "I was constantly crying. I was miserable and depressed," she told me this week in an interview. read more
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