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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Why Every Christian Should See the Movie 'Lion'

Based on a true story, "Lion" begins in 1986, when a five-year-old Indian boy, Saroo, ends up on a train that takes him 1,500 miles to Calcutta. (Lionsgate Films)
I'm not ashamed to admit that I cry in movies. In fact, I'm known to cry more than my wife when a film really tugs at the heartstrings. I've watched Lion three times now (once when it came to theaters and twice since it was released for purchase a few weeks ago) and I've cried every time.

You need to see this movie. While it has mainstream actors and a Hollywood budget—and it was nominated for six Oscars—it offers a powerful Christian message without even trying to be Christian.

Based on a true story, Lion begins in 1986, when a five-year-old Indian boy, Saroo, ends up on a train that takes him 1,500 miles to Calcutta. Separated from his older brother, Saroo desperately tries to survive as a street child. He scrounges for food, sleeps on a piece of cardboard in a train station and is almost abducted. He ends up living in a crude orphanage and is then adopted by a caring Australian couple.

The film then fast-forwards 20 years, and Saroo (played as an adult by Dev Patel) begins to remember bits and pieces of his traumatic childhood. With the help of college classmates, his girlfriend Lucy (Rooney Mara) and Google Earth technology, he figures out where he lived when he got lost.

When Saroo returns to India to look for his mother, the drama intensifies. read more
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