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Dear Leader,
After more than 45 years, I learned one of the most valuable lessons I could learn about growing as a leader. It was so simple, but I just couldn't see it until the man that became my mentor pointed it out. I want to share this lesson with you now, so you don't waste years like I did.
Leaders Are Developed
I have been in leadership positions for more than fifteen years. I like to read, but I mostly read books that help me grow my faith, or books I find entertaining. One day, Dr. Greene asked me this question: How many books have you read this year in your field?
That question changed everything. The point of that question was to establish the reality of who I thought I was versus how much knowlege I was acquiring in regards to becoming an expert in my field. It was sobering to think that I had not deliberately learned anything new for several months.
As a leader, shouldn't you be reading and studying leadership, time management, strategy, vision casting, management, coaching books and more? The more you read and learn, the more you can pour into others, create your dream team, and fulfill your destiny.
Without a vision the people perish.
Without constant learning, even the best leader loses ground.
What I did next still sounds crazy. After half a year of reading books in my field, I came to a point where I felt I needed to ramp it up. I bought a $2,000 online training package that helped me launch products with greater success. As a marketer, this training would provide a giant leap forward in my skill set. I paid for this training (with my wife's blessing). It was a stretch to say the least, but the payoff was worth it. 
Before my eyes were opened, I questions others who paid $20 or more for a hard cover book. Now, I know that it's a privilge to pay such a small amount to add real expertise and knowlege to my skill set. The authors did the hard work and the reader gains the very best knowledge from their book.
Everything you learn and add to your skill set is a multiplier. How much further could you be if you applied your new skills over the number of years you plan to work to further your goals, career, or ministry?
The leaders I admire and respect are veracious readers. They have great mentors. They value learning and understand the return they receive when they invest in themselves.
Don't waste years learning on your own. A true expert can pour into you through books, seminars, or online courses, and mentorships.
I once was blind, but now I see...
Has the time come to accelerate your leadership growth? Dr. Mark Rutland's National Institute of Christian Leadership is one of the best leadership training programs available in the U.S. More than a thousand leaders have graduated and achieved remarkable improvement in their ministry and careers.
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When you enroll in the NICL Online, you'll gain the answers and time-tested principles to help you navigate your most difficult challenges in ministry such as:
• how to handle conflict within the church and on your leadership team
• how to manage the stress of leadership
• how to manage and lead a turnaround
• how to balance between chaos and control
• how to select your staff for success (knowning who you need and why)
• how to set up your executive leadership team (the model that works for you)
• how to recruit, retain and maximize volunteers to achieve your vision
• how to brand, rebrand, and market your church
• how to identify the ten stages of disloyalty within your leadership team
• how to make critical decisions as a leader and as a leadership team
• how to select a board (healthy vs unhealthy)
• how to look at finances and debt (good vs bad, is all debt bad?)
• how to raise funds successfully and increase tithing
• how to create synergy between preaching and worship
Why spend the next 40 years learning what Dr. Rutland can teach you through the NICL. You can either keep doing what you've always done, or you seek out wise counsel now, implement it, and develop your leadership skills. 
Expert Leadership Training for just $2.73 per day.
Enroll in the NICL Online and train at your own pace from the comfort of your office or home at any time. You may access the NICL Online training from your smart phone, tablet or computer. You receive all four training sessions (60-hours of leadership training), without the additional cost of travel, lodging and food. 
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God bless you,
David Manning
Director of Leadership Development
Direct: 407-333-7138
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"Wish I would have had this 20 years ago. Absolutely priceless!"
—Pastor Shea
"As far as the church is concerned, Dr Rutland's course is a treasure trove of knowledge that bridges the gap between the academic and the practical. It flows in a way that will enable you to follow or understand what is it that you ought to do when you need to do it. 
His course will enable you to handle any ministry or church or organizational challenge that may arise."
—Pastor Jeremiah 
"I highly recommend NICL to all pastors, leaders, and businessmen
whose goal is a greater excellence in their ministry. Dr. Rutland is honest, transparent, engaging, and highly successful."
—Pastor Larry
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