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Step Out of the Boat, with Shawn Akers
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
When You're Not Convinced God Has Your Back

Waiting on God to move in your life sometimes pushes—and perhaps shoves—your faith to the breaking point. The wait can prove excruciating.

But God, in His infinite wisdom, always finds a not-so-subtle way to remind us.

He is still in control—that "I've got this."

My wife, Patty, lost her job just over four months ago. Our dwindling financial reserves have begun to pressure our family. Patty has had several interviews—including second and third interviews—but nothing solid has emerged.

Unemployment is no stranger to our household, but God has always come through. For some reason, however, this particular valley has been a bit tougher to navigate.

I found myself feeling more than a bit discouraged on a recent Sunday before church. Little did I know what God had planned.

When the service began, I felt empty and ungrateful. But then our worship pastor, Puchi Colon, began playing and singing a song he wrote called "Greater Things." The first stanza stirred my spirit immediately:

"Renew, restore, revive your church and make us whole. /Ignite, transform, take us to the place we've never seen before."

(OK, Lord, you have my attention.)

The song continued: 

You've done the impossible/We've seen our mountains move before./Your Word is unstoppable, with expectation we declare!/Though mountains stand before us,/Though weapons formed against us,/We're standing on Your promise, We're believing You, Lord, for greater things!

We know that You are willing./We've seen that You are able./Oh God, release Your favor/We're believing You, Lord, for greater things!"

When the song finished, the Lord spoke to my heart: "That was for you, Shawn. Any questions?" read more
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