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Behind the Lens, with Darren Wilson
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
What Really Happened Behind the Scenes on 'Finger of God 2'

(WP Films)
It all began with a very unlikely friendship.

Will Hacker and I couldn't be more different to the casual observer. He's gregarious and outgoing, always the life of the party. I'm introverted and somewhat guarded, content to sit on the side and observe. But when we first met a few years ago, back when we both lived in Chicago, something clicked between us almost immediately, and we knew we would most likely be friends for life.

At the time, WP Films had a pretty large team of people on staff, and there wasn't really any room for Will in our studio or our budget. But I knew we were supposed to work together, and I was pretty sure I had found the person I'd been seeking for years. I knew I needed to start thinking about training others up in what I do, to mentor someone in this strange new genre of "God-umentaries" that I did so we could be even more fruitful with what God had entrusted to us, and also to do our best in advancing God's kingdom even more.

When I met Will, I immediately saw that rare combination of hunger for more of God, a fearlessness to do what He said no matter what and a love of telling stories in new, creative ways. He also had what I call that "sliver in the spirit," that thing in your spiritual life that needs to be itched, examined and made available for the world to see. Ultimately, it's that sliver—that irritation that there has to be more than what you already understand about God that eats away at you until you deal with it—that is most important in the life of an artist.

This, more than anything, is what drew me to Will and first planted the idea of commissioning him to make the follow-up to my first film, Finger of God. read more
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