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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Watch 'Father of Lights' for Free Today

(Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash)
(All this week, WP Films will be making each of their films free to watch for one day. Today is the third of those films, Father of Lights. You can watch it free at

Probably the most frequent question people ask me about my films is, "Which one is your favorite?" The correct response, of course, is that they're like my children, and I love them all equally. And to some extent that's true, at least from an artistic and accomplishment point of view. But it is not at all difficult for me to identify which of the films means the most to me. It is, without question, Father of Lights.

Every movie I make is ultimately for myself. Don't get me wrong; I am overjoyed that so many people around the world love to watch them and have been challenged and changed by them, but I think part of the reason they work so well is that I've never set out to make a movie for other people. When you do that, typically you start making choices based on what you think people are going to want to hear. I always go into my films with a burning question that I need answered, and the journey then becomes my personal search for a better understanding of God and His kingdom.

Father of Lights is a great example. I had already made two films before this (Finger of God and Furious Love), and along the way, I consistently heard people talking about God the Father in ways that seemed very foreign to me. It was almost as if they knew Him very well—as though they were friends with Him. I had always had a kind of uneasy truce with the Father, because He made me nervous. Jesus was great, I liked what I saw with Him in the Gospels. read more
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