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Behind the Lens, with Darren Wilson
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
New Show-a-Thon Highlights God's Supernatural Goodness

(Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels)
It's not much of a stretch to say that during this pandemic, pretty much everyone in the world has consumed more media than normal due to the fact that we're all stuck inside. As someone who creates movies and TV shows, I've been trying to figure out how to make what I've created more accessible for people who are sick of the mindless, empty calories they've been consuming.

A while back we made all of our movies available for free, and people seemed to really love it. They were able to focus their attention on the exploits of a loving God who relentlessly pursues His children. Well, we wanted to do something like that again, but this time with my two television shows.

Our Show-A-Thon will highlight two episodes from my TV series Adventures With God and Questions With God each day until May 20. These two shows were always designed to be watched together. The first show you'll watch (Adventures With God) will be a mixture of my many adventures around the world filming God doing God stuff and round table discussions about the given topic of that episode. Questions With God follows right after, with an even more in-depth round table of the same topic, and it includes many of the people I've filmed with over the years getting real, raw and vulnerable. It's an awesome one-two punch.

If you want to watch something designed to stretch and encourage your faith, especially in a time like this, then please join us for this Show-A-Thon. You can watch everything for free here:

I pray it blesses you and reminds you of God's great love for you.

Love solving mysteries? Tackle the mystery of Christ! (Ep. 80)
Love solving mysteries? Tackle the mystery of Christ! (Ep. 80)

30 Minutes - May 13th 2020

This episode is part 7 in the series: YOU AND THE COMING CHRIST AWAKENING

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