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Tuesday, March 13, 2018
When Christians Get Eaten by Dragons

(REUTERS/Simon Dawson)
One day, a well-meaning Christian asked C.S. Lewis a very small-minded question. Lewis, the writer of the classic Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe fantasy series as well as his space trilogy, was asked why, as a Christian, he wasted his time with fantasy and science fiction stories. Lewis replied that he did so to get past the "watchful dragons of society", the defenses most people have against anything that feels religious, especially if their past history with religion is tainted by negative experiences.

As someone who makes his living making films and telling stories, I have long been interested in figuring out how best to connect with people on both an emotional and intellectual level in my work. I have also often wondered why so many of the stories being created and consumed by Christians very rarely connect with audiences outside of the Christian faith. Or put more simply, why are the only people watching Christian movies Christians?  I guess the most obvious answer is with another question: why would a non-Christian actually want to watch a Christian movie?

When I was younger and all puffed up with self-righteous bluster, I took pot shots at the "Christian ghetto" as if it had done me personal harm. Christian music was a second rate, Christian movies were a joke and Christian books were lame. But as I matured and actually entered into this world of telling stories, I realized a few things. One, telling good stories is hard. We like to say that Christians need to tell stories as well as the world is telling them, but then again, the world is telling a lot of terrible stories too! But there also seems to be a struggle that is singular to the Christian mindset, and it is no small thing to have to deal with. read more
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