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Monday, January 20, 2020
When Did President Donald Trump's Impeachment Actually Begin?

Raymond Moley (1886-1975) became known as Franklin D. Roosevelt's most trusted adviser and speechwriter in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1932. FDR tasked Moley with forming a kitchen Cabinet, which became known as Roosevelt's "Brain Trust."

In 1933, Moley broke with Roosevelt over the radical drift of the "New Deal" and its hostility to business and increasing involvement in foreign affairs. Moley's conservative progression over the years established him as senior adviser to three Republican presidential aspirants: Wendell Willkie (1940), Barry Goldwater (1964) and Richard Nixon (1968). Moley authored 19 books.

In 1970, Raymond Moley was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon. Nixon honored him as "a master of scientific analysis applied to politics. A man of thought and a man of action, he has not only studied and analyzed the history of our times, but also helped to make it."

Moley's 40-plus years in politics afforded him insight pertinent to political truths and principles as to influence and affect the public square. He noted, "Politics is not something to avoid, abolish or destroy. It is a condition like the atmosphere we breathe. It is something to live with, to influence if we wish and to control if we can. We must master its ways or we shall be mastered by those who do."

Religious conservatives have been "mastered by those who do" over the last century. It is the reason America lost its once biblically based culture laid down by its Founding Fathers. With his nearly 50 years of observing America's political landscape, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich commented in 2016: "The greatest challenge we face is not money. read more
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