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Wednesday, January 3, 2018
CNN Has Forfeited Its Right to Broadcast
The CNN Center in Atlanta
The CNN Center in Atlanta (Gregor Smith)
New Year's Eve coverage this weekend was doubtlessly a low point in contemporary American television history.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, both homosexuals, interviewed giddy and possibly high CNN anchor Randi Kaye as she passed around a joint with young people in Denver.

This is so contemptible that it should cost all three their perch at CNN.

There almost certainly won't be any further consequences. The reason is that morally debased Time Warner—which owns CNN—and CNN president Jeff Zucker are couriers of incremental apostasy as they pump sensuality, self-indulgence and promiscuity into the nation as it falls into moral anarchy.

As an aside, Zucker took over NBC in 2005 and quickly ran it into the ground. In 2010, Matea Gold noted that Jeff Zucker's tenure at NBC had led to "a spectacular fall by the country's premier television network." New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd added, "Zucker is a case study in the most destructive media executive ever to exist ... You'd have to tell me who else has taken a once-great network and literally destroyed it." 

Zucker is well on the way to crash another network, CNN, where he took the reins in 2013. Missteps and controversies are rampant during Zucker's tenure at CNN. Most recently the CNN partiality, in its coverage of the 2016 Presidential Primary and General election campaign, caused critics to dub CNN the "Clinton News Network." The latest is the fake Trump Russian "classified dossier" story and CNN investigative journalists Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris resigning after the network retracted a fraudulent online story that connected Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci to a $10 billion Russian investment fund. read more
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