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Monday, April 15, 2019
When Christians Disengaged Culture, the Antichrist Spirit Stepped In
Elijah's servant saw
Elijah's servant saw "a small cloud as small as a man's hand rising from the sea" (1 Kings 18:44). He was hopeful of great things to happen. And so should we be. (Photo by Carlos Hernández on Unsplash)
America is besieged by the opposing but cohabiting forces of human secularism, political correctness and multiculturalism. "Western culture that at first drifted and is now rushing headlong into apostasy from the Triune God" is a direct result of the vacuum created as American Christendom relinquished the town square (P. Andrew Sandlin, Foreword to The Mission of God). The disengagement from the culture by Christians left a void in America that is now being filled by everything anti-Christ.

Decisions have consequences. The gathering storm engendered by Baby Boomers and passed on to the Millennial and Gen Z generations to sort out will come down hard on the weak-kneed and lily-livered.

What Christian minister and cultural theologian P. Andrew Sandlin styled "Sunday go-to-meetin' Christianity" has been the prevailing attitude over the last century. Making no demands on the culture, this attitude exposed "the entire West to the risk of a grave cultural and political crisis, and perhaps to a collapse of civilization" (Marcello Pera, Why We Should Call Ourselves Christians: The Religious Roots of Free Societies).

The last two generations of Americans handed down this attitude to their children and their children's children.

To illustrate, corporate America became in 2015 the biggest promoters of same-sex intercourse and marriage. More than 350 companies, "including Apple, AT&T, Staples and Target filed amicus curiae briefs urging the Supreme Court to strike down same-sex marriage bans."

Yet citizens in 30 states had passed amendments opposing same-sex marriage, often by wide margins as the vote outcomes below show:
  • Alabama - 81% to 19% against [same-sex marriage].

  • Alaska - 68% to 32% against.

  • Arizona - 56% to 44% against.

  • Arkansas - 75% to 25% against.

  • California - 52% to 48% against.

  • Colorado - 56% to 44% against.

  • Florida - 62% to 38% against.

  • Georgia - 76% to 24% against.

  • Hawaii - 71% to 29% against.

  • Idaho - 63% to 37% against.

  • Kansas - 70% to 30% against.

  • Kentucky - 75% to 25% against.

  • Louisiana - 78% to 22% against.

  • Michigan - 59% to 41% against.

  • Minnesota - 53% to 47% in favor.

  • Mississippi - 86% to 14% against.

  • Missouri - 71% to 29% against.

  • Montana - 67% to 33% against.

  • Nebraska - 70% to 30% against.

  • Nevada - 67% to 33% against.

  • North Carolina - 61% to 39% against.

  • North Dakota - 73% to 27% against.

  • Ohio - 62% to 38% against.

  • Oklahoma - 76% to 24% against.

  • Oregon - 57% to 43% against.

  • South Carolina - 78% to 22% against.

  • South Dakota - 52% to 48% against.

  • Tennessee - 81% to 19% against.

  • Texas - 76% to 24% against.

  • Utah - 66% to 34% against.

  • Virginia - 57% to 43% against.

  • Wisconsin - 59% to 41% against.

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