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Greenelines, with Dr. Steve Greene
Friday, September 22, 2017
Podcast Of The Week
Christians and Superman Have One Thing In Common

In the first official interview for his new book, Killing Kryptonite, John Bevere joins Dr. Steve Greene on the Love Leads Podcast to explain how spiritual kryptonite is creating destruction in our lives, churches, and organizations.

Providing compelling insight, Bevere explores the commonalities of Christians and Superman and how leaders can kill the kryptonite that destroys our divine strength.

Now is the time to restore the power of the Kingdom in the Church.

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The one action verb most frequently missing from various manifestos on leadership is love. In Love Leads Dr. Steve Greene shares real-life examples, principles, and exhortations of the love of a leader. You will discover what it looks like to lead with love—is there a process of love? is tough love really love?—and you will view leadership as it's never been seen before as Dr. Greene dispels the myths and misconceptions many have come to accept about leadership. The real-life principles in this book are fully supported throughout by the actions of God who "so loved that He gave..." leading you to see with new insight that the true essence of leadership is love.

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