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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Atlanta Settles With Fire Chief Who Preached Bold, Biblical Truth
Kelvin Cochran
Kelvin Cochran (Kelvin Cochran/Facebook)
It is a good day for religious liberty in America.

The city of Atlanta has agreed to settle a lawsuit with a former fire chief who was fired for writing a Bible study book for Christian men that some thought was anti-gay.

The Atlanta City Council approved a $1.2 million settlement to Kelvin Cochran, a decorated firefighter and an evangelical Christian.

In 2013, Cochran wrote a book about his Christian faith titled Who Told You That You Were Naked?

According to city lawyer David Gevertz, the book lumped together gay people, those who have sex outside of marriage and non-Christians with murderers, rapists, pedophiles and those who engage in bestiality, television station WAGA reported.

He was initially suspended, but then former Mayor Kasim Reed fired the decorated fire chief.

In August, Cochran and his Alliance Defending Attorney appeared on "The Todd Starnes Radio Show."

"The city basically said you have to check your beliefs at the door when you work for the government," ADF attorney David Cortman said. "You don't promote diversity by firing people who disagree with your opinion."

Cochran, who was born into poverty in Shreveport, Louisiana, said his lifelong dream came to an end after a 34-year career.

"It was a childhood dream come true, a fairytale career," he said on the radio program. "My life is a story of faith and patriotism." read more
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