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Friday, September 15, 2017
How Holy Spirit Delivered Karen Wheaton's Prodigal Daughter From Adultery

Karen Wheaton (YouTube)
This is one of the most powerful miracle testimonies I've ever followed. It's especially powerful to me because I know many of the key parties involved—namely, Karen Wheaton, the mother of the author, Lindsey Wheaton-Doss.

I share this on my blog because I believe Lindsey's story carries an impartation for hope and supernatural breakthrough. Read her words carefully. I encourage you to pick up her new book, The Way Home.  I believe there's a powerful anointing on her story. She doesn't try to clean things up, sanitizing the testimony. It's real, raw and highly relatable to any reader who: 1) is praying for a family member, spouse or child to come back to the Lord or 2) who is currently in the same place Lindsey was in, under the tyranny of the enemy's lies and accusations.

Lindsey Doss is the real deal. I wholeheartedly endorse her and her story, once again emphasizing that there is an impartation of breakthrough on this. The key is letting it get into your spirit and compel you to believe that if God could supernaturally transform Lindsey's life and marriage, He can do the same for you!

by Lindsey Doss

I Hated Divorce

Divorce was not on the agenda when I said, "I do."

After all, I hated divorce more than anyone. It destroyed my family as a child, and I was determined to never take the same path.

However, life does not always turn out as planned.

Most stories of divorce and restoration are told from the pen of the hero. My story is different. It is told from the heart of the villain.

I was that villain.

I was the one who destroyed my marriage, and I was also the one who had to try to find my way back home before it was too late.

I was raised in church my entire life. My family had faithfully served God for generations. read more
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