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Point of Breakthrough, with Larry Sparks
Thursday, March 1, 2018
Prophetic Word: God Is Radically Changing What Christian Conferences Look Like

(Unsplash/Ezra Jeffrey)
I see Christian conferences becoming convergence points for the ekklesia to assemble and do business in the heavenly realm. Convergence zones.

I heard the Lord saying that conferences will become council room appointments for the ekklesia—for the body of Christ to come together to: 1) Hear from heaven, 2) declare what heaven is saying through prophetic intercession and 3) become doers and implementers of what heaven is revealing.

It's easy to get negative towards Christian conferences—but I sense the Lord calling us to prophesy solutions, not just call out problems. It takes a critic to call out problems; it takes a prophetic voice to hear or see into heaven, receive a supernatural solution, and then declare it, calling the church up, not just calling the church out.

Out without up is poor stewardship of the New Testament prophetic operation. Calling people out without calling them into something can quickly become critics abusing the church, which Jesus is staunchly against.

I see us entering a new era for Christian conferences—and I believe a prophetic invitation is going out to pastors, leaders, apostolic networkers, and anyone who has any role in putting on a conference.

The invitation is outstanding. God wants to bring His ekklesia together, not to be fed and entertained through the most popular preachers or hit worship leaders. It's not about what we get in this season; it's about what we accomplish as one voice. I sense the Lord urging the church to unify, hear from heaven and get something done!

The blessing of the Christian conference is that it gathers. It converges multiple streams and various denominations.

Joyce Meyer gathers.

Passion conferences gather.

Propel women's conferences gather. read more
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