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The Plumb Line, with Jennifer LeClaire
Thursday, January 16, 2020
Ways to Discern the Seer Anointing Operating in Your Life

Do you know if you're a seer? (Photo by Mel Baylon on Unsplash)
God has spent the last 10 years restoring the eyes to the body of Christ. Now, many are seeing as they've never seen before.

But are you a seer? In this series, I'm exploring ways to know if you are a seer. Here's the latest installment.

Seeing in the Spirit
Seeing in the Spirit

29 Minutes - April 8th 2019

In this weekâ?™s episode of God Encounters Today podcast, James W. Goll continues his series on the Seer in an episode of unpacking scripture and revelation concerning Seers - those that See in the Spirit. He also goes into a time of answering questions like "Are there ways that the seer gift can be more active?" And "Are there different authorities in the seer realm?" 

Promises of the Seer Prophets (Ep. 21)
Promises of the Seer Prophets (Ep. 21)

31 Minutes - March 25th 2019

In this episode of God Encounters Today podcast, James W. Goll continues the Seer podcast series. He recalls some of the promises from the Lord that the 5 Seer Prophets who have passed away in this past 5 years carried, so that we may carry the promises and walk in the lineage, heritage and legacy.

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