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The Plumb Line, with Jennifer LeClaire
Thursday, May 21, 2020
The Secret to the Remnant's Holy Boldness

The Bible says, "the righteous are bold as a lion" (Prov. 28:1b). (Photo by Francesco De Tommaso on Unsplash)
God is calling for a greater connection among the remnant. It can be lonely if you don't know anyone else in your city who is on fire for God.

The Bible says, "the righteous are bold as a lion" (Prov. 28:1b).

If you're more fervent, bolder, louder than others, you just might not fit in. In this video, Jennifer shares the secret to the remnant's holy boldness.

Breaking the Silence with Fred Saleh
Breaking the Silence with Fred Saleh

15 Minutes - October 24th 2018

God has a call on your life no matter where you are at. Fred Saleh worked in the petroleum industry when God called him into ministry. He shares his unique testimony and how his Bible studying led to writing three volumes series called Breaking the Silence. Listen to how the principles of the altar and the remnant work together.

Integrity (Ep. 7)
Integrity (Ep. 7)

22 Minutes - March 19th 2020

Many of us live in a culture where integrity appears to be overrated and undervalued. How do we navigate through this challenging issue, and why is it important?

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