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The Pulse, with Joseph Mattera
Friday, April 3, 2020
9 Reasons Why Churches Should Not Congregate During Coronavirus Lockdowns

(Photo by James Barr on Unsplash)
Lately, the news media has highlighted how many churches in America are refusing to obey the law related to the restrictions of public gatherings of any size.

Some of the reasons churches are refusing include the fact that many older congregations have not come into the 21st century in terms of the usage of technology. This is resulting in very little giving via online platforms, such as church apps. Another reason is because some churches believe it violates their First Amendment rights, taking away the freedom of speech, religion and right to assemble.

That being said, the following are reasons why I believe the churches should obey the law during this pandemic:
  1. There is no violation of the First Amendment.

There are many ways we can communicate and preach the gospel as a church outside of Sunday gatherings. If the state forbids the preaching of the gospel on the internet or airwaves, then our First Amendment would be violated. Since there is a prohibition against all public gatherings, not just church gatherings, our First Amendment rights are not being violated.
  1. The state is assigned by God to protect its citizens from harm.

In my opinion, the present lockdown does not violate biblical jurisdiction. Scripture shows us that one of the primary callings of civil government is to protect its citizens from physical harm (Rom. 13:1-8).
  1. Churches cannot control the physical health of Sunday attendees.

In every gathering, there is a mixed multitude, and there are usually a large percentage of believers who have serious preexisting conditions (this is especially seen within older congregants). Many within our church members struggle with obesity, diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions. Having a congregational meeting puts all these people at serious risk. read more
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