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The Pulse, with Joseph Mattera
Thursday, January 13, 2022
Would Christianity Survive If Everyone was as Committed as You?


As we enter the New Year, many believers are committing to serve the Lord at a higher level. However, with the low standards of many churches and Christians, a person should have a practical way to gauge if their walk with God lines up with the will of God.

One way to measure this is by projecting the following questions across your church and estimating if it would survive. (Obviously, if your commitment was according to the will of God as shown in Scripture, the church should not only survive but thrive despite adversity.)

7 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What if everyone financially gave the same percentage to the church as you do? Imagine you were a local church pastor with a biblical vision of making disciples and winning the lost. With this vision, you had to rent a building or pay a mortgage to the house Sunday services and other events. In light of your local church budget, imagine if everyone gave commensurate to the percentage of your income that you presently give. Would your church survive, thrive or have to close its doors?

2. What if everyone was as committed to church attendance as you are? Suppose your local church has about 100 members and everyone came to church as often as you did. Would the congregation have sufficient fellowship, participation and receive the systematic teaching needed to continue her mission? For example, if you only came to church once per month and the average in-person mimicked your attendance, the number of weekly attendees would only hover around 25. This ensures that a teaching series would only touch 1/4th of the congregation on any given Sunday. Would your church survive, thrive or have to close its doors?

3. What if everyone volunteered to serve in the church as often as you do? read more

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