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The Pulse, with Joseph Mattera
Friday, August 5, 2022
10 Traits of Effective Churches During the Global Pandemic

(Charisma News archives)

In the past few years, the global pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of many local churches. Friends from around the world have told me that many churches have closed their doors for good.

Although most churches have not returned to their pre-pandemic attendance numbers, some have remained effective during the crisis. As I pondered why some churches remained effective, I came up with 10 traits:

1. Effective churches did not center their ministry on a Sunday meeting. Some churches were already functioning as a family of families with much contact and interaction during the week. Other churches (pre-pandemic) focused all of their ministries on Sunday, and when that was taken away during the lockdown, they lost these ministries. Consequently, we are called to plant churches that function as a family of families, instead of merely focusing on Sunday gatherings.

2. Effective churches adapted their methods commensurate with the challenge. The only thing that never changes in this life is that change is always inevitable. Influential churches are constantly adapting to their environment. Thus, based on what is going on in society, they change their communication and ministry methods even though the gospel's message never changes.

3. Effective churches were disciple making churches. Jesus never told us to make new converts but to make disciples (Matt. 28:19). A disciple is a disciplined Christ follower who puts the kingdom of God, with their time, talents and treasures, first. Hence, a church replete with disciples continued to thrive despite the global challenges.

4. Effective churches already had online giving platforms. Years ago, I made sure our church adapted our giving to an online platform. read more

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