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The Pulse, with Joseph Mattera
Friday, May 10, 2019
4 More Major Reasons Pastors Fall Into Sin

8. Many pastors do not know how to build a dream team and have people operating outside of their gift mix.

Accurately placing people based on their giftings is one of the most important things in terms of releasing a pastor from some of their responsibilities in the ministry. God has called our churches to function as apostolic centers, wherein all the ministry gifts of Ephesians 4:11 can function so the work of the ministry or the oversight of the church is not dependent on any one person.

Every pastor should have the Antioch church as their model—one where the church is shepherded by a diverse multiplicity of ministers (Acts 13:1). This can prevent the church overseer from reaching ministerial burnout because they will have the ability to balance their time between work, family, private renewal and relaxation.

Every dream team is made up of at least four kinds of leaders:
  1. Visionary or directional leader: The one who motivates the church and casts a macro vision.

  2. Strategic leader: The person who lays out the strategic plan on how to implement the vision.

  3. The team builder: The "people person" who spends time among the sheep and builds the morale of the office staff or ministry team.

  4. The operational leader: The one who loves to create systems and leaves paper trails for proper protocol to operate in the church.

  1. The unique contribution of each kind of leader:

Macro leaders, like directional leaders, become impatient when bogged down dealing with high-maintenance "problem people." This is a job for the pastors and/or team builders. Macro leaders are wired to spend their time with those who contribute to the big picture and bring them the biggest return from their very busy schedule. read more
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