Revivalist Bert Farias writes in the spirit, style, and plainness of speech of the old timers.
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The Flaming Herald, from Bert Farias
Monday, September 16, 2019
How Satan's Crowning Work Has Caused Many Churches to Lose Their Power

Jesus said that His Word would judge everyone who rejects Him and fails to receive His words (John 12:48). Conversely, His Spirit is like a fire that burns, speaking of His Word into our hearts.

Revelation 2:1-5 is such a relevant word. This message of returning to your first love is an end-time theme and one the church so desperately needs.

The church at Ephesus possessed some noble characteristics. Jesus commended this church for many things. By today's standards, the people of this church would be thought of as a strong and even dynamic church. They had doctrinal and moral purity, labored without growing weary, were active in the affairs of the church, had exercised patience and perseverance, and so on. But there was one thing Jesus had against them—they had forsaken their first love. Jesus called this position a fallen place, or in today's terminology, a backslidden state. What a lesson to learn that Jesus, the head of the church, does not see as man sees.

What does the Lord of glory see in today's churches? What of those who boast in great attendance, large buildings and dynamic programs for their members? Jesus does not esteem things as a man esteems them. He so often regards as least that which men esteem highly. On the other hand, those things that men often esteem lowly are so highly regarded by the master. You see, it doesn't matter what size building, attendance or organizational powers and abilities a church possesses. If first love has passed, then it is a fallen church, and one in danger of having its lampstand removed from its place (Rev. 2:5).

The lampstand represents the church, and the stars are the angels (Rev. 1:20). Every church ordained by God has an angelic covering that symbolizes the power and anointing for that church. read more
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