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Friday, September 23, 2022
Stacey Abrams Claims Fetal Heartbeats 'Manufactured' By Misogynists
In fact, at six weeks' gestation, the baby's heart rate is about 98 beats per minute, which can be easily detected by ultrasound.
Mario Murillo: What God is Saying About America's Destruction
Is there not a genuine word from the Lord in this hour?
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The Return of the gods
Demonic Divide in America: Adult Man Kills Teenager For Being A Republican
This brutal attack comes just three weeks after President Joe Biden took the stage on Sept. 1 with an eerie, red backdrop to condemn the MAGA supporters.
Will the New Set of Seven Years on the Jewish Calendar Be Our Last?
Regardless of the timing, a glorified Jesus of Nazareth will return as the Jewish Messiah, the Gentile's Savior.
NFL Star Praises God After Painful, Season-Ending Injury
"It is all part of His plan."
Liberty University Targeted Again for Opponent's 'Pride Game'
These intentional scheduling's are demonstrating religious intolerance on a national level.
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