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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
COGIC Leader Says Senseless Mass Killings—and Racism—Must Stop Now
The actions of this young man, spurned to commit these atrocities due to his intense hatred of blacks, have caused unfathomable grief to many.
'The Harbingers of Things to Come' Far Surpasses Ohio Theater's Expectations
"Hollywood needs to open its eyes."
Let's Go Deeper
The Key to Answered Prayer
In the Line of Fire
May 15, 2022; Conklin, NY, USA; New York State Police gather to investigate the home of Payton Gendron on Amber Hill Road in Conklin, N.Y. on Sunday, May 15, 2022. Payton Gendron, 18, is the suspected gunman in Saturday s mass shooting in Buffalo, resided on Amber Hill Road.
The Buffalo Shooter Wanted to Murder Both Blacks and Jews
It was not just Black Americans he targeted for murder. He was a Jew-hater as well.
Florida Governor Applauded for New Law Ensuring Students Learn About Communism Victims
"Not only pleasant weather in the Sunshine State, there's sanity." — American Family Association
Tens of Thousands of Youth Shout 'Fill Me, Holy Spirit' at The Send Crusade
"I'm thinking, as a Kansas City guy, this is an incredible gift to our city," Mike Bickle says.
Muslim Mob Reportedly Stones Christian Woman to Death, Burns Her Body Over False Blasphemy Claim
"Some people say she praised Jesus for something, other people say she asked some other people to stop talking about religion so much."
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