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Friday, September 29, 2023
Girls praying on See You at the Pole Day
GenZers' Faith Debunking Myth They've Given Up on Jesus
"We're accountable for how we behave in front of this next generation."
Digital Trojan Horse
Are Churches Trading Freedom for Security with AI Surveillance?
The technology is here, today, it is no longer a science fiction dream. How this new technology will be used in the very near future however, remains to be seen.
The Josiah Manifesto
Prayers that Rout Demons
Rejoicing after baptism at Auburn University
University Officials, Alabama Governor Refuse to Bow to Satan's Schemes
"I can assure you Alabama will never be intimidated by out-of-state interest groups dedicated to destroying our nation's religious heritage."  
Isaiah Saldivar and Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn: Is the Church Sleeping Through God's Prophetic Timeline?
"This is the final chapter. Rise to it because that's what it's all about."
Candace Owens on the Whatever podcast.
'Demon-Possessed' Prostitute Rejects Candace Owens' Prayer After Debate
While on a press tour for her newest series for the Daily Wire, "Convicting a Murderer," Owens was confronted by a prostitute who believes that she "saves" marriages with her career choice.
Destruction of Sodom
Shocking Theory: Was Biblical Sin City Destroyed by Asteroid Stronger Than Nuke?
While discoveries made present a compelling case, some archaeologists remain cautious.
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