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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Exclusive: American Eyewitness Says Coronavirus Could Be 'Rumblings of Something Bigger'

By Stephen Strang

Alexandra Rodriguez knows firsthand the horror of the coronavirus in Wuhan. A Christian American teaching English in Wuhan, China, was quarantined in Wuhan until the U.S. government was able to fly her and other Americans home. In her first media interview since she came home, she described to me on my podcast how she felt as she waited and prayed to get out. She also believes the problem is worse than the Chinese government is admitting.

In the past week, I interviewed Chinese missionary Dennis Balcombe, also an American, who described to me how Christians are responding to the dangerous virus now known as COVID-19. He shared incredible insights into what God is doing through His people, including the sick coming for healing and people turning to churches for hope.

Then Pastor Frank Amedia, who has connections to Chinese Christians he believes are reliable, says that there have also been healings and confirmed that people are swarming to churches at the same time that the number of deaths are in the tens of thousands—much higher than the 2,100 or so that the Chinese government says have died.

Both Balcomb and Amedia reported what they heard from their Chinese sources via telephone and the internet. But Alexanda Rodriguez was there. So when I learned from a friend who knew her through his church, Faith Assembly in Orlando, Florida, I tracked her down. She gave me one of the most incredible interviews I've ever had—an exclusive for my Strang Report podcast and Charisma News.

I wanted to know from someone who was there and was quarantined, and I wondered what she thought this coronavirus means in a spiritual sense. She told me the disease could be the rumblings of something bigger—perhaps even prophecy coming true.

"My hope and prayer is that everything smooths out and that eventually they get it contained," Alexandra told me. "But it could be the rumblings of something bigger. I believe that the Lord works in mysterious ways. And I've seen His hand in all of this. It could be prophecy coming true. It could just be one of those things in the world that happens and then we move on. My prayer, again, is that it all settles down."

Back in September, when Alexandra got the opportunity to go to Wuhan to tutor students in English, she was excited about it. But what was supposed to be a 10-month stay was cut short to six months when the city was quarantined because of the coronavirus. She was stuck in the city for several weeks until the U.S. government got her home. Some of her colleagues, though, are still stuck in ... Read more

American Eyewitness: COVID-19 is Worse Than Chinese Government Will Admit
American Eyewitness: COVID-19 is Worse Than Chinese Government Will Admit

18 Minutes - February 20th 2020

Alexandra Rodriguez, a Christian American teaching English in China, was quarantined in Wuhan due to the coronavirus until she prayed and the U.S. government finally got her out of the country. Listen to her first media interview since arriving in the U.S. detailing that the dangerous virus, known as COVID-19, could be much worse than is being reported.

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