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Friday, June 22, 2018
After Katie Souza Teaching, Several Report Miraculous Healings at Charisma Conference
Katie Souza
Katie Souza said that transformation in the Spirit happens in the soul realm, not the spirit realm, during her message at the Charisma Conference 2018. Following her teaching, Souza called out people with specific medical ailments and invited them to the stage to be healed. Several people testified onstage that they had been healed. An informal head count by Souza counted 36 people who reported at least partial healing.

"This is the work of the Holy Spirit," Souza said. "It's surely not me. I'm just allowing the Holy Spirit room. And we need to do the same thing. We need to start relying on the Holy Spirit more to get all our problems and answers solved."

Souza showed several videos highlighting her healing ministry of those with metal in their bodies, in which she had them share their story and then scanned them with a metal detector to confirm they had no more metal.

Souza said that because Christ lives in your spirit, the believer's spirit has already been made excellent. But the soul, she said, is the source of bad decisions and negative emotions, so the soul needs to be submitted to the Holy Spirit.

"Your soul is your mind, your will and emotions," Souza said. "Is your soul out of control? ... Are you constantly making bad decisions? Are you having emotions that are out of control? If so, you need some Holy Spirit dunamis power so you can become excellent of soul."
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