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Monday, October 14, 2019
Dr. James Dobson Condemns Beto O'Rourke's 'Outright Attack' on Religious Liberty
"This outright attack on religious freedom is disgraceful and should prompt an outcry from all advocates of true tolerance and diversity."
Police Offer Strong Halloween Warning After Finding Candy Laced With Drugs
Police found 394 Nerds Rope edibles that were laced with marijuana and packaged to look like real candy. 
The Prophetic Mysteries Behind Everything from Daniel to Donald Trump
"This is going to excite you because you'll see little mysteries that are interconnected!"
Ravi Zacharias Tells Tim Tebow Why Evangelism Doesn't Work for Some People Today
"When people turn against evangelism, often it's not the message. It's the messenger."
Dr. Michael Brown: 'I Could Go Either Way' on Young-Earth vs. Old-Earth Creationism
"In my humble view, the Scriptures could be read either way."
Perry Stone Explains Why Viral Video Showed Him Checking Phone While Praying in Tongues
"You made fun of me for making a call to a pastor whose wife had cancer, who wanted prayer. That's what you were mocking."
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