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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Prophecy: God Is Using Natural Occurrences in Puerto Rico to Stir His Church

Puerto Rico has been on my mind and heart quite a bit lately due to the terrible outbreak of earthquakes that has been going on since December. Being of Puerto Rican descent, the Lord has given both Melissa (my wife) and me a particular burden for the island and its people.

While inquiring of the Lord concerning the island and these earthquakes, the Lord said, "I am using these natural occurrences to shake and stir the land, its inhabitants and My church."

He then began to show me a few things that were being shaken and stirred by His loving hands here:

Shaking and Stirring in Puerto Rico

The church: The Lord has used this natural disaster to shake the church out of its comfort zone and out of their four walls of comfort. The church is getting a refresher on what it is like to be amongst the people and serve again. After hurricane Maria, the church served the tangible needs of the people, but in this go-around, they'll serve their emotional and spiritual needs.

I saw pastors and leaders around the island sitting and weeping with the broken and hurting, releasing emotional and physical healing. The posture of humble servants that these pastors and leaders took led to massive harvest of souls.

The hidden riches: I saw the discovery of different natural resources on the island, things that would not have been uncovered had it not been for the tremors removing that which kept them hidden. These discoveries would serve to bolster the economy of Puerto Rico. read more
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