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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Prophetic Word: 2022 Will Bring Explosive Movement in the Kingdom

The year 2022 will see Christ the King rise in revelation glory in and through His saints. It will be an Isaiah 61 year as the harvest breaks free from its imprisonment to blindness and the year of the favor of the Lord breaks the saints free into the fullness of their call and destiny.

The world is about to experience what it means for the Lord to arise from His place to confuse and scatter His enemies. 2022 will be the beginning of a time of explosive movement, both in the spirit and in the natural, as kingdoms clash over the dominion of the Earth. These are days the saints have longed for, as we will see the power of God move in the miraculous through His people but will also stir the wrath of the hosts of wickedness, producing great turbulence in the Earth.

The saints living today are the generation—a Forerunner Party that tracks with Christ in the days moving forward. We are being invited to embrace the transcendent call on this generation of leaders to apprehend its scope through the prism of the apostolic/prophetic dynamic of this significant epoch of history. The Lord has put on my heart certain keys that must be in operation in our lives to be able to navigate our way through 2022, as so many prophetic voices are in unison that it will be a year of great shaking.

So, what does that shaking mean and what does that look like?

Great Shaking!

In the years ahead, we will be experiencing the effects of shaking in both the spiritual and the natural realms. read more

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