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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Prophecy: God Is Commanding the Angels, 'Swing the Pendulum!'

In the Spirit, I saw the angels obeying a heavenly command, pushing a huge pendulum in the opposite direction that it had previously swung, which was so far into degradation of sin and wickedness that it appeared to be unstoppable.

I then heard the Father say, "It's time to call forth the noble, the wealthy and the renowned of the earth.

The Spirit of Integrity Descends

I then saw the Spirit of Integrity begin to descend upon dignitaries, celebrities and the very elite!"

In the Spirit, I sensed the Lord saying. "There is a certain caliber of society that has been overlooked and given up hope for by many of My people, who have even stopped praying for them. But again it will be proven that it is by My Spirit, and My Spirit is being poured out upon all flesh.

The 'Elite' Come to the House of God

I saw very influential people being drawn by God's Spirit into His Kingdom. I saw dignitaries, celebrities and the very "elite" being drawn into the house of the Lord. I saw some of them coming to church in armored cars with security guards around them ... but they were coming! I saw, at times, helicopters landing in church parking lots, bringing in dignitaries from high positions of government. Some were walking through the front doors of churches with body guards because of their honor and prestige. The high and mighty were coming into Father's house now as well as the lowly. read more
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