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Thursday, September 19, 2019
Prophetic Vision: Jesus Told Me, 'Your Hearts Have Been Hardened'

Love is a basic message. However, it is a message we aren't hearing from the pulpits. It is a message that needs to reverberate in our souls.

Our spirit man knows love, because a key characteristic of Christ is love. However, are we allowing our soul to be love and give love?

This morning as I was in worship, the Spirit of the Lord came in powerfully and a new song came up prophetically from within me. As I was singing and ministering over my team in the room, the word love came up. The Spirit of the Lord started to speak to me about love.

I had a vision, and the thought came to me that as we look in Jesus' eyes, we see nothing but love. What are people seeing as they look into our eyes? Are our eyes exuding the love of Christ?

When we are in His presence and then leave His presence, love exudes from us from all sides and people can see His tangible love upon us and feel His presence. We have the Holy Spirit residing on the inside of us. The very conduit of love. Shouldn't we be displaying His love whether or not we just stepped out of His presence?

The Lord wants us to display His love. He was speaking to me specifically about the love people need to have for their family members. I heard Him say, "hearts have been hardened and closed off." He wants your heart pliable and moldable.

He spoke to me and said, "Your hearts have been hardened because you feel entitled to a debt. You want repayment and justification for something another person has done to you. read more
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