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Friday, April 3, 2020
Why You Need to Watch This Popular Christian YouTuber's Viral Hand-Washing Parody

Peter Hollens
With all the negative news about COVID-19, it's important that we remind ourselves to have a little fun. That's exactly what popular Christian YouTuber Peter Hollens did when he made The Epic Hand Washing Parody, which has gone viral.

His video, which you can watch here, is a compilation of several popular secular songs that he rewrote with lyrics encouraging people to wash their hands and follow the CDC's coronavirus guidelines. Hollens' press agent calls him an American entrepreneur, educator and a classically trained vocal artist. He regularly posts content on YouTube and Facebook and has gotten over a billion views since 2011.

Hollens' songs about the coronavirus are raising awareness for health and protective measure against the virus but in a fun way. They're also raising money for the Coronavirus Relief Fund at When I asked him what gave him the idea to do this, he said it was a response to the intense anxiety he's noticing in people who are concerned about the virus.

"So many of my teammates and my peers are feeling the anxiety of the current situation we are in, and we wanted to do something to utilize our platform for good and focus on raising awareness for a charity that is really trying to help the current disaster we're in," he says.

"And I truly believe that right now, all of us need levity more than anything. So I thought for the first In my entire career, I would create a parody and focus on hygiene. I think that's one thing that in this divisive world, we can all agree on that we can do better."

But it was also a way to help educate people on proper hygiene during this crisis. He says he's had a "horrific time" getting his 5-year-old to wash his hands correctly and long enough. If you watch the video, you see Hollens is washing his hands in almost every song section. Each section is 20 seconds ... read more 

YouTube Star Peter Hollens Bring Awareness to COVID-19 Outbreak With with The Epic Hand Washing Song
YouTube Star Peter Hollens Brings Awareness to COVID-19 Outbreak With the Epic Hand-Washing Song

20 Minutes - April 2nd 2020

To help bring awareness to protect ourselves from the COVID19 virus and raise funding for GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund, Peter Hollens created a parody video to show people how to wash their hands properly. He is a classically trained vocal artist specializing in a cappella music on YouTube and Facebook with over 5 million followers and subscribers on his content. Listen as Peter shares the story behind creating the video and how you can help during this time.

Watch "The Epic Hand Washing Parody" video here:

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