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Monday, May 20, 2019
Pakistan's 'Ambassador of Love': Jesus Turned My Breakdown Into a Breakthrough Miracle

Leif Hetland (center) in Pakistan (Facebook/Leif Hetland)
Have you ever experienced storms in your life where it looked like everything was going wrong? How many of those storms turned into a breakthrough? I recently spoke with my good friend Leif Hetland, a missionary known as the "ambassador of love" in Pakistan, who experienced his own storm and miraculous breakthrough. In a matter of days, Leif went from weeping on the floor of a damp, smelly hotel room to sharing the love of Jesus with the Muslim president of Pakistan.

Leif shared his story with me on the "Strang Report" podcast, which you can listen to here or in this article. It started when Leif took six months to plan a huge evangelistic crusade in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority nation rife with violence. He wanted to focus on a region that was largely unreached with the gospel.

"For 2,000 years, there's never been anyone who has brought the love of Jesus to these people," Leif tells me. "But as soon as I made those plans, I had an attack with my ear clogging up, then I started to get ringing tinnitus and vertigo. So I knew it was strange. As soon as I said yes, these storms seemed almost like Goliath was there just mocking me."

The attacks continued and got more intense. Huge rainstorms and violent battles between Pakistan and India threatened to shut down Leif's event before it even began.

"Just as I'm about to travel, I get a text from Qatar Airways saying, 'All flights have been canceled,'" he says. "Two suicide bombers bombed themselves in India, and India retaliated—300 people killed in Pakistan. Pakistan took down two of the airplanes. So this was right in the middle of that, when I was supposed to fly in."

But Leif knew he received a clear call from the Lord to bring the gospel to these people. So he spent the whole night in the airport in Atlanta and eventually got a flight to Qatar. But the next 36 hours proved to Leif that getting into Pakistan would ...  read more
An Ambassador of Love to Pakistan
An Ambassador of Love to Pakistan

16 Minutes - May 17th 2019

Missionary Leif Hetland tells stories about breakthrough miracles God provided for him in a Muslim-majority nation. Hear how he went from distress, stuck in a hotel room during a flood, to a royal wedding where God performed a miracle before prominent Muslims.

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