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Hello everyone,

As darkness seems to permeate our world more and more, it is imperative that we recognize the spiritual battles that are raging in the world. We must stand on the truth that God has not given us the spirit of timidity but of power, love and a sound mind. In fact, God is calling us to be His watchmen and women on the wall as we race toward the end times.

One of the boldest people I've talked to on the topic of the end times is Pastor Greg Locke. A former cessationist, Greg Locke shared with me how he went from believing that these gifts of the Spirit had ceased to becoming a completely devoted deliverance minister. You can watch my interview with Pastor Locke here and order his latest book, Cast It Out, here.

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Our latest Charisma News article on Locke's relational split from Daniel Adams has also kept many people talking. It's a riveting read that shares the biblical understanding of unity and separation in the body of Christ. You can click here to read it.

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I also want to a moment again to congratulate my friend and Charisma author, Jonathan Cahn, for the success of his newest book, The Josiah Manifesto. If you haven't yet heard, The Josiah Manifesto topped nationally-rated charts including The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, The Wall Street Journal and The Parable Group. What I love about this particular book by Jonathan Cahn is how he provides the blueprint and guide to the end times, an answer to the many ancient mysteries that he has revealed. You can check out The Josiah Manifesto here at BooksbyJonathanCahn.com.

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Just as Jonathan has been passionately sharing the truth of the gospel, I believe this is the time to equip believers to stand tall in our perilous times. That is why I have a great expectation for how God will use the next chapter of Charisma magazine as we embark on this new journey of going fully digital to reach more people than we ever could have with print.

You can subscribe to Charisma Magazine Online for only $19.99 a year and experience your first 30 days free. All you need to do is go to MyCharisma.com.

It's this fervor to share the message of the gospel and to live life according to the Holy Spirit that particularly excited me when I wrote my own book on the Holy Spirit, Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World.

As always, if you or your pastor would like to give copies of the book to members of your church or small group, you can email me at info@charismamedia.com.

You can ask for it by title. I also prepared short videos to introduce each chapter that you can click here to get a preview of how to use my book in small group settings.


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Stephen Strang

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