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Monday, June 17, 2019
R.T. Kendall: Even Non-Christians Recognize This Secret to True Freedom

(Image by AllClear55 From Pixabay)
The teaching and carrying out of forgiveness has been recognized as valid and therapeutic even outside the realm of the Christian faith. In my book Total Forgiveness, I write about a Daily Express article about a course in Leeds. The reason for this course, which was paid for by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, was apparently the belief that forgiveness can be good for your health. Holding a grudge, it is said, leads to illnesses ranging from common colds to heart disease because of all the stored-up anger and stress. Dr. Sandi Mann, a psychiatrist at the University of Central Lanshire, believes that there is a strong link between our emotions and our immune system. All of this goes to show the benefits of forgiving people—even if we were not motivated by Jesus and the New Testament!

Here are 10 steps to freedom as found in the Daily Express article:
  1. Stop excusing, pardoning or rationalizing.

  2. Pinpoint the actions that have hurt you.

  3. Spend time thinking of ways in which your life would be more satisfying if you would let go of your grievances.

  4. Try replacing angry thoughts about the "badness" of the perpetrator with thoughts about how the offender is also a human being who is vulnerable to harm.

  5. Identify with the offender's probable state of mind. Understand the perpetrator's history while not condoning his or her actions.

  6. Spend some time developing greater compassion toward the perpetrator.

  7. Become more aware that you have needed other people's forgiveness in the past.

  8. Make a heartfelt resolution not to pass on your own pain.

  9. Spend time appreciating the sense of purpose and direction that comes after steps 1-8.

  10. Enjoy the sense of emotional relief that comes when the burden of a grudge has melted away. Enjoy the feeling of mercy and goodwill you have shown.

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