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Monday, February 17, 2020
Take This 60-Day Journey and Experience Unusual Breakthroughs, Shifts and Blessings

(Photo by julio casado on Unsplash)
I was recently flying into a particular city to minister when the Lord began to speak to me. While I was on the plane, I heard the Lord say, "Ryan, one word can change your life!"

I had heard this statement many times. As a matter of fact, I have preached on this very subject. It was not new information to me, but that day when God spoke those words, they shot off in my spirit like a rocket! I felt the power of God in His decree. One word is enough to open avenues of favor. One word is enough to bring about a turnaround. One word is enough to shake things up in your life.

I began to meditate on what the Lord was saying to me. Was there one word He wanted to bring to my attention? Why had He spoken this as I was flying into that city? I asked Him, and He clearly spoke the word "unusual." He said, "When you land, I want you to preach on the unusual. Prepare the hearts of my people for the unusual and the uncommon breakthroughs. Prepare them for unusual interruptions in mundane patterns in their lives. Prepare them for unusual measures of my supernatural power."

When I released the word in that service, the congregation began to report unusual breakthroughs, shifts and blessings. Then the Lord visited me again with the same word, and this time its significance hit me even harder. I realized that although the word was extremely simple, it had a huge potential to shift lives. At the next service where I ministered, there was an explosive anointing and move of God when I declared the unusual over the congregation. People were healed and strengthened and reported making strategic decisions or experiencing a supernatural shift.

I believe God wants to do the same thing as you read this. The word "unusual" means "not usual: uncommon, rare. read more
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