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Monday, November 11, 2019
Why We Need Holy Spirit's Rain Right Now

(Photo by Danielle Dolson on Unsplash)
It's been a long, hot summer! Here in California, it was followed by heavy winds and wildfires, which are thankfully now contained through the efforts of heroic firefighters and the grace of God. Rain would have been so welcome!

We're entering the holiday season, and many people are suffering the loss of homes and even livelihoods. While other parts of the country are experiencing winter weather, we live in what appears to be paradise except for the devastation left behind. My prayer as we watched and waited what was happening around us was, "Lord, send the wind and fire of your Spirit to spark revival in this state and across our nation. And send rain; please send rain."

Having migrated from New York to Florida where I lived most of my life, I am used to a hot, muggy climate from June through August, along with the recurring afternoon thunderstorms and rain greeting us during the evening rush hours. The storms would bring occasional power outages, so the kitchen was closed and we'd settle for take-out or delivery. The aftermath was the sweet, fresh smell of the grass, a calming breeze and slight reduction in temperature. However, we weren't saying, "Oh, goody, another thunderstorm!"

In Miami, I remember hanging my laundered sheets on the clothes line so they would get that fresh, airy smell. They didn't take long to dry, but many an afternoon, I would race to the clothes line trying to beat out the ensuing rain which would then soak my almost-dry items. When the sun returned and the summer breeze with it, they would quickly dry again. But at the time, I found it most inconvenient.

Rain came every afternoon like clockwork. And when it rained, it poured buckets. It was not gentle. It brought wind, lightning and thunder. read more
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