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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Man Sees Jesus in Vision: 'Many Will Be Offended at My Return'
The look in the Lord Jesus Christ's eyes as He said these words to me was so intense, yet so deeply grieved.
Spiritual Warfare
4 Sure Signs You're Battling This Demonic Jezebel Spirit
The Jezebel spirit is raging right now. Here's how to know if you're battling it.
God Encounters Today
Holy Spirit Told Me, 'It's Time to Call Forth Watchmen to Prophetic Proclamation'
Instead of only praying problems, begin to proclaim solutions.
Fire in My Bones
Please Stop Demonizing Christmas
December 25 probably isn't Jesus' birthday. But that doesn't mean it can't have special meaning.
The Strang Report
Was George H.W. Bush a Born-Again Christian?
One of his assistants opens up about the late president's personal faith.
Shawn Bolz: If You Ignore Your Calling, Jezebel Will Take It From You
"For every Esther that doesn't take her place in their anointing, there's a Herodias' daughter who's willing to kill the anointing."
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