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Monday, November 11, 2019
Why We Need Holy Spirit's Rain Right Now
Are you ready to bring your parched soul before Him and allow Him to rain righteousness upon you?
How to Access Divine Revelation and Maximize Your Business Impact
You'll learn new ways of identifying your own mountain of opportunity, too. 
The Only True Way to Heal From Sexual Addiction
It is also compassionate of God to allow us to be exposed and heal. Learn the key ways to raise self-awareness and begin the healing process.
Patricia Heaton Warns Kanye West: 'It's Very Hard' to Be a Christian in Hollywood
Heaton's warning and encouragement come from her own experience of having to stay true to her faith despite facing scrutiny for her beliefs.
Evangelism & Missions
Elderly Man Preaching Gospel on Subway Brutally Attacked by 'Transgendered Lady'
Videos of the elderly man show him sopping up blood from his face and shirt.
Church & Ministry
James MacDonald 'Biblically Disqualified' for Ministry, Says Harvest Bible
"Because of these findings, James was biblically disqualified from the position of elder, meaning he did not meet the spiritual standards to which a Harvest Bible Chapel elder is held."
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Dr. James Dobson Urges Parents to Stand Against 'Outrageous' Sex-Ed Curriculum
The New Masculinity: Turning Men Into Women
25 Pastors, Including Paula White Cain, James Dobson and Jentezen Franklin, Pray Over Trump at White House
John Crist Cancels 2019 Tour Dates After Reports of Sexting, Harassment, Manipulation
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