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Thursday, February 20, 2020
How a Misguided Prayer Helped Empower This Woman's Spiritual Warfare
It hurt me to realize I had unwittingly become a tool of the enemy to attack my leader, costing him his health at a crucial time.
The Strang Report
Key Election Issues Christians Should Be Aware of in 2020
I'm not a policy expert, but I am a Christian journalist focusing on the things I know matter most to evangelical voters.
Spiritual Warfare
What Does the Yin-Yang Symbol Really Mean?
The mystery goes much deeper than the contrast of male and female.
Fire in My Bones
Was the Flowing Oil in Dalton a Hoax?
A ministry in Georgia that claimed to have a supernatural Bible is now closed.
Pastor: I Apologize on Behalf of All Pastors Who Mishandled People's Finances
"This is not a gospel of prosperity; this is a gospel of responsibility. Can God trust us?"
Family & Parenting
One Thing Your Kids Want to See in Your Marriage
Remember, your children will duplicate what you do, not just what you say.
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