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Here's the Deal, with Larry Tomczak
Thursday, March 23, 2023
6 Minutes to Drug-proof Your Kids


Tomczak marijuanaBefore you view the brief and informative video with those you love, please read these introductory comments.

After watching the video together, take time to engage in a relaxed conversation (without cell phones or media distractions) to draw your children out, discover their thoughts and hopefully make a quality decision to steer clear of drug experimentation and usage.

The focus is on "weed" (which they will understand and relate to), but use it as a springboard to all narcotics.

In the Bible, Babylon represents a world system based on values contrary to God. In Revelation 18:23, it tells us of its ruin. Part of the culture was sorcery (Gk. "pharmakia") which includes illicit drugs that enslave and destroy lives, especially vulnerable youth.

Parents, pastors and people entrusted with overseeing young people must invest time instructing and interacting with them to protect them from Satan's seductive schemes.

On the cross, Jesus was given a drugged wine to dull His senses, but He refused it (Matt. 27:34). Our precious youth must be taught to do likewise lest they be destroyed by drugs like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and scores of others.

My best friend was dead of drugs in his early 20s, ensnared by "harmless recreational drugs."

Recently, Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted, "Last year officials seized enough fentanyl to kill every single American." Since this represents less than 50% of the avalanche pouring in, we must rise to the challenge of equipping our youth in this war!

March CM CoverOregon and other states are succumbing to progressives pushing legalizing all drugs—fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana. read more

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