Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber offers timely commentary on defending Christian liberties in America today.
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Clarion Call, with Matt Barber
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
This Myth Is Destroying the Country
A female police officer wears riot gear as she stands in position outside a football game in Charlotte, North Carolina.
A female police officer wears riot gear as she stands in position outside a football game in Charlotte, North Carolina. ( REUTERS/Mike Blake)
It's often said, "There is only one race—the human race." While the phrase has become almost cliché in repetition, it happens to be 100 percent accurate, both scientifically and theologically speaking.

From Ferguson to Baltimore, Tulsa to Charlotte—and on college campuses from coast-to-coast—a great divide is sweeping America. It is fueled largely, if not entirely, by half-truths and outright lies. Truth is irrelevant. Only the narrative matters. When "Hands Up Don't Shoot™" can do so very much to further "the cause," it matters not that it represents a holocaust-denial-level of detachment from reality.

Which tells you everything you need to know about the cause.

This is by design. These embers of racial division are purposely fanned to a red-hot flame by certain political leaders, "social justice" warriors and "community organizers"—cut principally from the same ideological cloth—in order to permanently ingrain a turbulent level of cultural division based solely upon the varying shades of people's skin. This, in turn, is intended to provoke widespread governmental dependency and, thus, one-party political control in perpetuity.

Yet, even at its core the idea of racial division—of race itself—is a myth. To sub-divide humanity based upon nothing more than varying levels of skin pigmentation is to rely upon the weakest of genetic markers.

And "race" really does signify nothing more than skin color.

Science dispels the Myth of 'Race'

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