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Thursday, January 4, 2018
Rise of Neoliberalism Plaguing Millennials, Generation Z
And, well, for the anxious and controlling parents?love them. They love you.
And, well, for the anxious and controlling parents?love them. They love you. (3643825)
Perfectionism is on the rise among Millennials and Generation Z, according to a new study.

Perfectionism is broadly defined as a combination of excessively high personal standards and overly critical self-evaluations, according to a study by Thomas Curran and Andrew Hill published in the American Psychological Association's Psychological Bulletin.

The authors point to three reasons for the rise: neoliberalism's expansion, parents who are anxious and controlling and meritocracy's increase.

"[N]eoliberalism and its doctrine of meritocracy have combined to shape a culture in which everybody is expected to perfect themselves and their lifestyles, by striving to meet unrealistic achievement standards," the study states. "For parents, this new culture confers an additional burden. On top of their own duty to succeed, they are also responsible for the successes and failures of their children."

What are these researchers talking about?

Neoliberalism is "a liberal who de-emphasizes traditional liberal doctrines in order to seek progress by more pragmatic methods," according to Merriam-Webster. This same dictionary defines meritocracy is "a system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement; leadership selected on the basis of intellectual criteria."

And most of us know what anxious and controlling parents are like.

Why is this such a bad thing (aside from the controlling anxious parents)?

"Research among college students and young people, for example, has found self-oriented perfectionism to be positively associated with clinical depression, anorexia nervosa and early death," the study authors point out. "It is also associated with greater physiological reactivity (e.g. read more
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