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Watchman on the Wall, with Jennifer LeClaire
Thursday, August 8, 2019
A Prophetic Word for White Witches Worshipping Earth

(Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash)
When people think of witches, many see images of old hags with nose warts and black-pointy hats—or they recall some mystical TV character Hollywood conjured up.

But beyond darkness-driven witches that curse and hex presidents, a new breed of witches is putting a fanciful spin on entertainment clichés.

Indeed, we're seeing an iconic, outspoken sorceress sincerely pleading for witch rights. Her name is Lady Rhea.

This high priestess and "Witch Queen of New York" is the proud founder of the Witch Pride Parade, which reports "marches across New York City every summer to fight for acceptance in society, and leads to WitchFest, a festival celebrating witches."

"[Being] A witch means we are earth worshippers, having the sacred space to invoke the gods to descend and be with us, to have the opportunities to give them praise, to give them love, to give them recognition," Rhea told "I love magic, and I love to help people."

Listening to her speak, Lady Rhea seems like a kind woman who means no harm to anyone at all. She certainly comes across kinder and more loving than the heresy hunters that constantly attack preachers in the name of Christ. She made a convincing plea to and caused me to see another side of what some may call "white witches."

Though I disagree with their beliefs and practices, I felt the Lord's love for them.

Of course, Lady Rhea has a right to believe as she chooses, but I can't ignore Exodus 20:3, the words God gave the Israelites after He delivered them from oppression: "You shall have no other gods before me."

Still, God loves the white witch who worships the earth He created—and He wants them to know Him. read more
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