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From the Frontlines, with Daniel K. Norris
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
The Leonard Ravenhill Quote That Smacked Me Between The Eyes
Leonard Ravenhill
Leonard Ravenhill (The Narrow Gate/YouTube)
We sold everything (our cars, furniture and home) in 2016 and moved our family of five into a motor home to travel the entire United States in 2017 on a tour we called the Trail Of Fire. This week, we arrived back where we started. We covered 50,000 miles, visited 47 states and connected with 80 amazing ministries.

This past month, the question I have been asked the most is "What is your biggest takeaway?"


One thing this year has done for us is it has given us a national perspective. We didn't just pass through a city or state, we lived there. We didn't just minister in the church. We walked their streets, bought groceries in their supermarkets, sat in their homes and around their tables. We spent time getting to know them and listening to their stories. Our lives have been greatly enriched because so many were willing to share their own lives with us.

It's been a blessing! We set out in January of 2017 dreaming about the impact we could make on the nation; however, we never considered the impact the nation would make on us. We have truly been changed by this year for the better!

Ultimately, we found a great remnant across the land that also carries the same burden for national awakening. These churches, ministries, revival hubs and houses of prayer are strategically positioned across America. They are a faithful battalion of believers that have made seeking a greater awakening for their city a priority.

This year has greatly encouraged me about the possibilities for national awakening. I believe that true nationwide revival is not just a distant dream, but an imminent reality if we will pay the price. I assure you that though the full breakthrough we've prayed for may tarry, we ourselves are not tarrying in vain! read more
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