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Tuesday, September 20, 2022
A Place for Majesty, Royalty and Awe

Queen Elizabeth II (Charisma News archives)

I caught only a few moments of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth, but those moments were very powerful, as a Christian cleric read the description of the new heavens and earth from Revelation 21. What a majestic portion of scripture!

Adding to the majesty of the moment was the majesty of the setting, as the funeral took place in Westminster Abbey, and the Christian leader wore his clerical robes as he beautifully intoned the Word of God. And, of course, it was a funeral fit for a queen, apparently with the largest number of international leaders and dignitaries ever assembled at one place and time.

But this scene got me thinking as well.

Here in America, we're not used to the pomp and ceremony, while the very concept of royalty is foreign to us, not to mention seemingly outdated. Kings and queens today?

Several years ago, while ministering in England, a pastor said to me, "I'm so glad we have a queen."

I could not relate to his statement at all. Why are you glad to have a queen? What does that add to your life? Isn't the whole concept a little silly?

Yet for most of human history, royal figures have been the norm. And, throughout the Bible, God is presented as the King par excellence, while kings and rulers are honored, especially the good ones.

As for God Himself, worship of this King was couched in awe and majesty, with the tabernacle, then the temple, meant to produce feelings of reverence and holy adoration. The place where God manifested Himself was to be treated with the utmost respect.

But that, too, is foreign to many of us who do not come from high church backgrounds, meaning churches that emphasize liturgy and the sacraments and clerical ministry. read more

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