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In the Line of Fire, with Michael Brown
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
In Your Elder Years, Are You Still Ready to Run for Jesus?
Retired woman
Retired woman (

This past Saturday, I had the joy of attending the 50th anniversary reunion of my high school class of 1973.

On the one hand, it was sobering to see pictures of 50 of our fellow classmates who have passed away. On the other hand, it was great to hear about the careers and adventures and families of the grads that were there.

One was an accomplished surgeon; another an accountant; another a craftsman; another a lawyer; another a full-time grandparent. Quite a few were on the verge of retiring or had just retired.

But why not? They worked for many years in their field. They put in their time. They are ready for a well-deserved change of pace. Good for them.

At the same time, for most of us in vocational ministry, retirement is not something that we think about. That's because we burn with a calling to see Jesus glorified. We have been given a mission and commission that is far bigger than us. Our vision is multi-generational. Why would we think of retiring?

I realize, of course, that at some point, most of us will have to slow down or transition. And speaking for myself, although I am enjoying vibrant health, I can't boast about tomorrow. None of us can.

But retire? The thought has never occurred to me. And at the age of 68, I have one thought only: I want to burn brighter! I want to experience God more deeply! I want to see the Spirit poured out more powerfully! I want to see more of the Lord's promises fulfilled!

I genuinely feel like a horse in the gates, chafing to get out and run—to run hard and fast, long and strong, to go for it heart and soul, mind and strength, all in, nothing held back.

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