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In the Line of Fire, with Michael Brown
Monday, May 20, 2019
Militant Abortionists and the Coming Civil War
People gather at the Alabama State Capitol during the March for Reproductive Freedom against the state's new abortion law, the Alabama Human Life Protection Act.
People gather at the Alabama State Capitol during the March for Reproductive Freedom against the state's new abortion law, the Alabama Human Life Protection Act. (REUTERS/Michael Spooneybarger)
With fights already gearing up against two heartbeat laws that protect unborn babies as early as six weeks into pregnancy, Dr. Michael L. Brown says the same evil spirit of a biblical figure is permeating American and materializing in the blatant disregard for anything of God, such as the sanctity of life. As evidence, Brown says, there has been a recent uptick of physical attacks on peaceful pro-lifers. (See here and here and here for examples.)

That biblical figure is Jezebel, and even though many may not know who she was, they know the persona her name conjures.

Brown's soon-to-be-released book, Jezebel's War with America: The Plot to Destroy Our Country and What We Can Do to Turn the Tide, delves into the life of "the most wicked woman in the Word of God" and how her demonic spirit is not only alive today, but waging a war against America, the American Church and American leadership—including President Donald Trump.

"A civil war is coming to America, only this time, it will be abortion, rather than slavery, that divides the nation," Brown said. "And while I hope with all my heart that it will not be a physically violent war, the ideological conflict will certainly be violent and intense."

In Jezebel's War with America, Brown also explains how the forces of radical feminism come together with the extreme pro-abortion movement, among other spiritual and cultural forces, in an attempt destroy America.

"Trump's presidency, for better or worse, has mobilized millions of pro-abortion, anti-male feminists who rage in the streets, calling for his death and literally pounding on the doors of congressional buildings in protest of his pro-life court appointees," Brown writes. read more
House Passes Deplorable 'Equality Act'
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Standing With Israel
60 Million People Flock to 'Friends of Zion,' Despite Rise of Anti-Semitism
"Under the guise of 'social justice,' Zionism is being equated with white supremacy, colonialism and slavery. Our members are fighting against this evil and damaging falsehood that is getting Jewish people killed, both in Israel and around the world."
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